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31 Jan 2016

Photo of the Month

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There is something magical about taking the first image of the photoshoot. You can never quite tell where it might take you.

I wasn’t expecting to discover anything special that afternoon, when I look at my lawn through my camera’s viewfinder. A fresh, crisp scent of the wild mint wafted over me in a slow, invisible cloud. There was a familiar, happy, yellow face of a dandelion. Some sharp and angry blades of grass. An innocent daisy was looking humbly. A tall, slim cowslip was trying to get my attention.

But I wanted something else, something different and exceptional. Something that would help me to escape from the ordinary. So I decide to use my secret weapon – water.

blades of grass by Eva Polak

Water is like a fairy dust. I can just cast a spell and transport myself into a world of imagination. A place where nothing is ordinary. A wonderland filled with colour, strange characters, music, and energy.

Suddenly, she appeared, with a promise of success. Shy, in a simple dress. Miss Felicity.

One moment she was happy.

Miss Felicity Happy by Eva Polak

And then frightened by water.

Miss Felicit frightened by Eva Polak

She was heartbroken when the sun was hiding behind the cloud.

Miss Felicity by Eva Polak

She was my new friend, Miss Felicity – the princess of a Lucky Land of my imagination.

Miss Felicity by Eva Polak

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  1. birgit

    Thank you so much for sharing both the story and the pictures. I usually think, that the pictures may speak for themselves but your words adds so much and brings the smile on my face 🙂