The art of colour in impressionist photography

The majority of us hardly ever give colour a great deal of attention. We experience the world in colour and, usually, we take it for granted. For me, colour is one of the most important aspects of impressionist photography. Learning how to work with colour was always very important. Sometimes the world can be an explosion of hues, while at other times you have a more limited palette to explore. In either case, once you master the art of colour you will start to see an improvement in your impressionist photography.colour wheel Continue reading The art of colour in impressionist photography

There is magic in the process of making photographs. For me, it is a way to express beauty, time, and other emotions and feelings that I can’t put into words.

For me, a successful image is not necessarily about accuracy and representation, but much more to do with a personal response and interpretation.

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Building Confidence

From the choice of subject matter to use of appropriate techniques, there are many factors that contribute to the success of impressionist photographs.
Confidence comes from practice and perseverance but equally it relies on building a sound understanding and experience of fundamentals of impressionist photography.

The ability to create impressionist effects relies on first gaining confidence with techniques and learning the basic knowledge about light, form and colour. The key to success is practice. The more you practice the more familiar you will become with techniques and other aspects of impressionist photography.

Of course, there may well be parts of an image that you are not happy with. So keep in mind what went wrong and try to figure out how to improve that in the future photoshoot. In this way, you learn something from each photograph and so gradually build up knowledge, experience and confidence.

Eventually, these basic skills will become second nature. Then there is more time to think about the qualities that will make your images personal and individual.