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Welcome to the Magical World of Slow Shutter Speed, an online course that will take you on a journey through the creative and enchanting world of photography. Our instructor will guide you through the exciting process of capturing motion in ways the human eye cannot see, using techniques such as tilt, shake, pan, and zoom.

In this course, you will learn how to fully explore the possibilities of slow shutter speed photography. As you delve into each lesson, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of each technique, including the strengths and limitations of each, the range of possible effects, and the key factors contributing to their success. By the end of each lesson, you will have the knowledge and confidence to apply these techniques to your own photography.

To reinforce your learning, each lesson concludes with an engaging quiz designed to test your understanding of the concepts and techniques covered. Through these quizzes, you can identify areas that require further study or practice and become more confident in your ability to apply the material to your photography.

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced photographers who wish to develop their skills and take their photography to the next level. With patience, experimentation, and practice, you too can capture the magical world of slow shutter speed photography.

So why not begin your journey today?

As a beginner photographer, I was intimidated by the concept of slow shutter speed photography. However, this course made it accessible and easy to understand. The step-by-step breakdowns of each technique were extremely helpful, and the quizzes were a fun way to test my knowledge. I’m excited to continue experimenting and improving my skills with these techniques!

Lily K.

I’ve been a photographer for years, but I had never fully explored the possibilities of slow shutter speed techniques. This course opened up a whole new world of photography for me, and I’m excited to incorporate these techniques into my future work.

David L

The Magical World of Slow Shutter Speed online course is a must for any photographer seeking to unlock their creative potential. I feel more confident and inspired in my photography than ever before. Highly recommended! 

Sarah M.


  1. A digital camera with manual mode capabilities, including the ability to adjust shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.
  2. A basic understanding of photography fundamentals, including exposure, composition, and basic camera settings.
  3. Basic computer skills and access to a reliable internet connection.
  4. A willingness to experiment and practice the techniques covered in the course.
  5. A passion for photography and a desire to learn and grow as a photographer.
Section 1Introduction
Section 2Before we start
Lecture 2Relationship between shutter speed and movement
Lecture 3One Technique at a Time
Section 3The Power of Light
Section 5Technique 1
Lecture 6 Holding the camera still
Lecture 7Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 6Technique 2
Lecture 8Movement Blur
Lecture 9Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 7Technique 3
Lecture 10Panning landscapes
Lecture 11Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 8Technique 4
Lecture 12Panning Moving Subject
Lecture 13Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 9Technique 5
Lecture 14Tilting your camera
Lecture 15Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 10Technique 6
Lecture 16Zoom Burst
Lecture 17Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 11Technique 7
Lecture 18Camera Rotation
Lecture 19Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 12Technique 8
Lecture 20Intentional Camera Movement ICM
Lecture 21Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 13Technique 9
Lecture 22Shooting from a moving vehicle
Lecture 23Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 14Technique 10
Lecture 24Rainmaker
Lecture 25Practical Assignment
Section Quiz
Section 15Conclusion
Section 16Bonus

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