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Developing Your Creative Spirit

31 Jan 2016

Developing Your Creative Spirit

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Being creative is something you do rather than something you are. Creativity is an ever-evolving loop of learning skills, experimenting, evaluating and discovering something unique. There is continuous movement back and forth that expands to greater knowledge as you move along. Anyone can develop creative spirit by learning and practising. Creativity is simply a journey that begins with an interest and a willingness to experience something new and experiment with it.


We all start somewhere. We begin with a desire to try something new. We practise, play and experiment. As we grow in confidence we build a solid foundation to extend our creativity and give our own touch to our photographs.

Originality takes time, quite often years.

If you are beginner, don’t put pressure on yourself to be innovative. Allow it to be unfolded. This only occurs after you have built up your skills and experience. As your creative seed begins to grow, watch out for what seems to touch you personally, and give this time and attention.

Whatever photographic style you prefer and whatever stage you are at, exploration, experimentation and playfulness are essential. Keep an open mind and be curious. Relax and enjoy exploring. Let yourself to be creative.


2 Responses

  1. Marilyn Bonnett

    I love the creative part especially the impressions of subjects, like a dream. In my photos for Panachallenge, I usually blur the outside of my subject. I do not rate well. I am a painter, so I like the subject in focus. Is my method wrong for photography?

    1. evapolak

      Perhaps is just a matter of finding the right audience that will appreciate and understand what you are doing 🙂