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Would You Like to Take Your Photography in a New Direction?
3 Jun 2017

Would You Like to Take Your Photography in a New Direction?

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Have you ever experienced the simple pleasure of looking at a beautiful image and feeling your heart respond and your soul wake up? I have felt this way ever since I discovered impressionist photography.

This style of photography is dynamic, where anything goes and the possibilities are endless. If you are seeking creative release and experimentation, you will find it in this type of photography.

Impressionist photography is about creating without limits. Each of us has his or her own level of interest, patience, skill and experiences that will indicate which option works best for him or her.

red flower by eva polak

The most basic technique you need to learn when creating impressionist images is the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO in your camera. This should be the starting point for all impressionists in camera techniques. Experiment with these three tools as much as possible, and see how each one affects the other two. Test the boundaries, push the limits, explore every “what if?” – and play! That is where invention begins.

I encourage you to experiment with lots of techniques, either in-camera or in post processing, to determine your own personal favourites. Remember; there is no right or wrong method to choose, just whatever feels right for you.

Don’t limit yourself to the ideas you find in books or online, what you learn in a workshop, or what other photographers tell you. Explore and push the envelope of your own creativity. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Gannet at Muriwai Beach

After you have mastered a varied set of individual techniques, you are ready to start experimenting by combining them in different ways. The possibilities are endless.

If you need more inspiration and support from a very engaged group of likeminded people, join us at Facebook. If you need help to start, consider my book Impressionist Photography Techniques, a Step by Step Guide to Creating Great Images by Using your Digital Camera. (I have a special offer at the moment so check it out).

The rest is up to you!