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The Journey of Finding your Artistic Voice
26 May 2017

The Journey of Finding your Artistic Voice

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When I began my love affair with impressionist photography I concentrated on different techniques. I believed if I mastered a technique I would produce a good image. I practised the various ways that I had read about in many different books, trying to produce interesting effects. I purchased different lenses and used many different accessories. Mastering the tricks and skills was simple and fun, but no matter how well I used them, I didn’t produce truly satisfying, personal statements. It took many photo-shoots for me to realise these tricks were simply techniques, and in order to become a better and more creative artist, what I needed to explore and understand was something more than just knowing how to use my camera.

I have learned that creativity isn’t about inventing unusual or eccentric ways to capture the image, but rather more about finding my ways of seeing and visualising. I knew that I had to work toward developing my own voice with which I could express my ideas.

Catching waves by Eva Polak

Art is about expressing your vision and emotions, about interpreting your subject in a way that is interesting and unique. As an artist, it’s up to you to find a way to communicate that concept.

Before you take an image you ask yourself, “What do I want to communicate in this landscape, and how can I best get it across to others so they can understand it?”

seascape by Eva Polak

We all have our own unique way of seeing the world. Our photographic vision is simply the way we translate that personal vision into images. The success of an image depends on you, your eye, and what you decide to bring to the table. Cameras can’t come up with ideas; they don’t decide when to click the shutter, nor can they compose the image. Those decisions are all up to you – and that’s why, even if this has been done before, you will always do it differently from everyone around you.

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There are many things to be discovered. Embrace your photography as a joyous expedition. As you travel along a road of discovery there are many pathways to be investigated. If you feel that you need a map for the journey, join one of my online courses. My aim is to provide you with a plan to guide you through the many possible routes that you may take on your creative journey.

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  1. Judy klaus

    Thank you Eva for your words. Finding our creative impressionist voice is a discovery of self too. Initially while exploring different techniques or subjects some talk to you others make you sing. These then create a personal path towards individual creativity and passion. I was totally smitten with your work that introduced me to a world of emotion and creative expression 10 years ago. Through your courses and willingness to share I am finding my own voice too. A big thank you.