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20 Aug 2016

In search of ghosts at Whatipu

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Whatipu Beach is truly a magnificent & magical place to visit. Wild and rugged and yet at the same time lush and green on the nearby hills.
The ever changing landscape and mystical beauty never fails to astound me.

Here are some of the images from this photoshoot.

ghosts of the sea

Ghosts of the Sea

Mysterious Energy

Mysterious Energy


Whatipu has been called the ‘Coast of Ghosts‘. With the ghosts of sailors and the stories of the pink lady lingering in the air anything feels possible there.

4 Responses

  1. nicholas


    what an amazing place with visual and auditory sensations.

    I loved the location shoot with its minimalist “graphic” scenes and the sounds of birds; lapping waves and of course your wonderful imagery !

    would like to see more of your location shoots

    I want to visit ! 🙂

    1. evapolak

      Thank you so much Nicholas!
      I’m still working on what to include in this series of posts, so your feedback is highly appreciated.
      I have more great places for you worth visiting.