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Making a plan for your artistic endeavours

20 Jan 2020

Making a plan for your artistic endeavours

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January is the perfect time to reprioritise your life and set goals for the months to come. Making a plan for your artistic endeavours might be the last thing you feel like doing, but it can be a great way to focus on your creative photographic goals and find ways to achieve them. Many people think that they have to aim to sell their photographs to write a plan. But, in reality, it is a helpful exercise for any photographer at any level.
The first step is to identify your goal. Spend some time thinking about where you want to go with your photography. This could be anything from selling more images to just finding free time in the week to be creative. Be honest with yourself. Don’t be shy to have big ambitions, but never be ashamed if you want to work for personal pleasure alone. Each goal is equally valid. You just have to know where you want your plan to take you.
Here are some tips how to find your goal. You might start by asking yourself a few questions. Sit in a quiet spot with your eyes closed. Imagine that you wake up tomorrow and are free to do whatever you like. What would you do?
What would you do if you had all the money and time in the world? What could keep you happily occupied for hours on end?
You could also talk to your closest friends and simply ask them what they think makes you happy. The answer may surprise you and may help to clarify your goal.

Reaching your goal might not be easy, but the sheer act of deciding and working out how you can reach it will be very rewarding.

Once you know your goal you can write your plan of action. This should be simple and consist of practical steps to achieve your target. So, if your goal is to sell more work, you might plan ways to market your images, build an audience and find a niche.
If you want to create images for pleasure you might plan ways to improve your skills, budget for new equipment or workshops, or take steps to have regular creative time.
It is also important to ask yourself what you don’t want to do, as this will help you to make your goal achievable. If you are not keen on meeting strangers, for example, but still want an audience for your photography, your plan might focus on building a strong online presence. You might look for internet galleries, build your own website, or market places like Etsy, Redbubble, and Saatchi, just to mention a few.​
If you want to have regular creative time, but don’t want to be alone, you could plan to join a camera club or other groups which meet for workshops, outings and photoshoots.
Reaching your goal might not be easy, but the sheer act of deciding and working out how you can reach it will be very rewarding.
Remember, you need to be consistent, patient and realistic to see things through. You may even be brave and get out of your comfort zone ̶ if it means getting where you want to be creatively.