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Why do I Like Impressionist Photography?
2 Apr 2017

Why do I Like Impressionist Photography?

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As a photographer and artist you see things in nature that others don’t. Very often when I look a the world , the artist within me sees things that evoke an emotional response. This response is the the seed of inspiration, motivating me to share my passion in impressionist photography.  I’m never satisfied with documenting things that everyone can see in an ordinary way. I’d much rather take my uniquely personal vision of the world and express it in my photographs.

There are many possible ways to share a personal view of the world. As I approach each new subject, I think about how I can play with light, shapes, and colours – whatever deliberate choices I can make to express the unique way I see things. When I manage to create something special out of something ordinary, I get very excited – I know I’m creating art, not just taking images.

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The best part about creative expressive images is the way they affect people who view them. Images that are impressionist and abstract offer viewers an escape from the “real”, everyday world. They are invited to look at a different world they know nothing about, but can discover and explore.

impressionist tree

Realism may be more technically “correct”, but as you move into impressionist way, images become a lot more interesting. Don’t worry about those people who don’t understand your “painterly” efforts. Those who understand will discard their preconceived expectations and be comfortable with the idea that this isn’t trying to be “real”. They see your images as a suggestion, an impression, and they will enjoy them for the fresh perspective and escape they offer.

Remember, art is a journey, not a destination. Give yourself room to experiment, embrace the challenge and your photography will evolve into a true expression of yourself.

impressionist people

11 Responses

  1. Günther Schwieren

    many thanks Eva.
    But: 1. my english experience is too poor to communication.
    2. I did not enter facebook and I will not either – I am too old to do.
    I shall look for Your pictures and I will try to do my own pictures in this manner. Until now my fotocommunity is not angry with my results, and so I will go on.

  2. Eva, your words and your teachings have been driving my work for the last two years and I couldn’t be happier nor having more fun. Thank you as always for opening my eyes.

  3. Hello Eva,
    I really second your opinion on Impressionistic photography. I have the same feelings. You have some beautiful work. So much so that I downloaded your E-book.
    Although we have different styles it’s always nice to find a kindred spirit. Keep up the good work. Our photographic genre needs more people like you.

  4. Russ

    I’ve been into photography since my late neens. Now that I’m approaching retirement and looking for a new direction for my photo hobby I’m truly inspired and motivated by your work, books and website.
    Looking forward to this new adventure.
    Thank you