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The Inspiration Behind My Photographic Style
1 Jul 2017

The Inspiration Behind My Photographic Style

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Making a good image isn’t about knowing all the answers. It’s about making joyful discoveries in exploring solutions to challenges and problems.

When we create an image, we reveal a lot about ourselves. Beyond simply displaying our skill level and technical abilities, the images we capture provide insights into our personalities, moods and our ever-evolving interests.

A photograph is a visual story between the subject and the photographer. Some photographers believe the subject is the most important thing and that it is their job to portray its essence with accuracy. For others, like me, the subject is not so important in itself, but it serves as a tool for revealing and expressing how the artist thinks and feels.

pink flower by Eva Polak

There is no right or wrong way to interpret a subject. It is a matter of personal taste. I’m always looking for new ways of expressing myself. As an artist, I feel is important to disregard what other people think and follow your own preferences. If you try to please others, you end up confused and unhappy.

Abstract photography is for people who value freedom and individual creativity, and who constantly look for new forms of expression. You use reality but do not copy it. It’s a more challenging way of showing the subject in your own individual way.

When out on a photo-shoot, I try as far as possible to look at my subjects for their abstract qualities. In order to get away from a straight representation of a subject it is important to view it in a different way. I take these qualities and interpret them in painterly experiments that stretch the boundaries of creative photography. I concentrate specifically on exploring colours and shapes. For example, when photographing water, I’m not going to focus on water per se. I will focus on the shapes, lines, or textures that I will observe in it.

dandelion by Eva Polak

Once you are able to observe the subjects in this way, you will discover that the world around you is a rich source of ideas. You won’t be photographing a sunset because of the sun itself, but rather because of the colours and shades.

You will allow yourself to be guided by your feelings, emotions and intuition. You will combine your camera skills with your unique way of seeing, and you will capture images that express how you feel about what you see.

It’s time to make bold choices and move outside your comfort zone. Join my online course, The Secret Language of Abstract Photography, and let’s start exploring the creative process of abstract art together!