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3 Oct 2015

Impressionists Technique to Try – Composition

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Day 3

Impressionism and composition

Before impressionism, composition was very traditional with various elements of a painting leading the eye to the focal point. The impressionists did experiment much more with composition, placing focal points in more unusual positions, and perhaps because they were contemporary to the development of photography, made great use of cropping elements on the sides of a painting.

Here some examples of unusual compositions.

Dega paintings

Here are some of my images where I employed this technique.




How you can incorporate impressionist composition into your own work?
Experiment and let me know what do you come up with.

This is the 3rd post in a 31 Day Series: 31 Days Inspired by Impressionism.

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  1. Coming from a film and 3d background I think in terms of stage lihntigg such as spot, directional, ambient, global, omni and coloured lihntigg. I love the swinging lightbulb effect in the intro which really crystalizes the idea.