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How much fun can I have with my photography?

5 Sep 2022

How much fun can I have with my photography?

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Have you ever asked yourself, “How much fun can I have with my photography?” If so, you know that fun is a powerful, joyful way to engage in your life and photography. Creating, at its best, is a beautiful game of play, discovery, and response. Great satisfaction comes from finding new combinations of learning something new and discovering new ways of looking at the world around you.

With each photoshoot, light and chosen technique will affect what you do next. You stay in the moment and have fun in the process.

We often forget about fun and take our photography too seriously.

We often overthink and try too hard. We add extra pressure to our already stressful lives.

To be immersed in the creative moment is a truly glorious experience, one of life’s great joys. Have you ever completely lost track of time when taking images? When you find yourself in this state, it is as if your photographs are magically being born before your eyes. Your mind is happy and engaged. Your thoughts and your tools move together at the perfect pace. You know exactly what to do next, fully alive, both calm and excited.

I sincerely believe that we are all meant to create, play, and share. We are designed to have our ideas travel naturally through us. The more we let go, the more our creativity can fly.

So, “How much fun can I have?”

I begin to make my daily decisions with this question in mind. If you take this approach to your photography, I can promise you that things will become less serious and much more playful. Give it a try and see if you don’t feel extra vibrancy and energy.

How much fun could you have if you challenged yourself to use camera techniques differently than usual?

Perhaps you decide not to focus your lens? What if you did an entire photoshoot setting the camera to 1/10th of a second?

How much fun would it be if you created self-portraits by incorporating light and motion? Would it be fun to photograph frozen flowers?

Trust yourself. Celebrating your special, one-of-a-kind voice and following your instincts is like tapping into your creative superpowers! Listen to your heart! Listen to those little nudges and knowings that speak to you during your photoshoots. As you follow your inner sparks, your personal style will be quickly revealed.

Take note of your personal preferences. Notice the colours that you are attracted to. Write down the tools and techniques that you enjoy using the most. Consider how you like to set up your camera, the subjects that speak to you, and even the time of day that suits you best for your photoshoots. Your favourite things are important, and being keenly aware of them will help you make effortless decisions as you create. Also, knowing the things you don’t love will help you identify what you love the most.

Be on the lookout for surprises, that unexpected jolt of happiness when you are confronted with something new while creating images.

Spend more time in the artistic moment by removing the feeling that each photoshoot is precious. The best way to accomplish this is to spend more time in play mode. Come to your creative time with an attitude of joy and discovery, and your artistic moments will be full, playful, and plentiful.

Ask yourself, “how much fun could I have if _____?”

Fill in the blank—remember, anything goes!