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24 Jul 2017


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To celebrate my birthday I have a GIVEAWAY for you!

I decided to do this giveaway to thank you for all the support you’ve given me AND have a way to toss some virtual confetti in the air with you.

I’m going to pick one winner and announce him/her next week on July 31st.
Good luck and may the light be forever in your favour!

***Make sure you use a valid email address when leaving your comment so I can contact you if you win. The winner I choose ais final and non-negotiable.

37 Responses

  1. Linda Ritchie

    I need this course because you are so good at what you do…and I am so crap at it…that I need all the help I can get!

  2. Jeff warren

    I have been taking photographs for many years now, I have learnt a lot by trial and error, I feel I need help in order to progress to the next level. I enjoy taking creative impressionist photographs and would love some assistance from your online course.

  3. I needed motivating and taking out of my comfort zone. What I am discovering is that I am feeling stimulated and I’m having fun! Each day I am discovering a new way of seeing, thinking and feeling. So good for the soul!

  4. I have been experimenting with Impressionist Photography for a few months now but would love to learn some of the techniques from one of the best in the business. Hopefully this will enable me to realize some of the ideas I have in my head but can’t quite get to work either in camera or in post processing.

  5. As predominately a flower photographer I need to expand my interest into impressionist images and would love the chance to be on this course and have you inspire me

  6. Greg

    I completed the Impressionist Photography Advanced course earlier in the year. It completely changed my approach to photography but I feel I still have a lot to learn about the fundamentals. I would love to do the Fundamental of impressionist Photography online course.

  7. Lyn Pater

    Happy Birthday Eva. Have a wonderful day.
    I would love to do your course. I’ve been looking with interest at van Gogh and other impressionalist painters and am very impressed with the way you have used the medium of photography for modern impressonism. Keep it up; you surely are breaking new ground for me.

  8. Zeynep Ugurdag

    Happy birthday dear Eva, wish you healthy and happy life full of inspiration and photography.

  9. I need this course because I’ve followed your work for a while and would love to find some new ways of seeing… it would be awesome to try and incorporate some of your techniques in my street photos for example… anyway..happy birthday 🙂

  10. Jay

    I would love to receive your course Eva, as I need motivation to make beautiful photographs at the moment.

  11. Why do I need this course? Because impressionist photography is something that I would love to immerse myself in, but am not quite sure how to do that. I’ve done some basic intentional camera movement with a few images, but would love to explore this more in depth. I’d love to get into your class!

  12. Judi Neumann

    I would love to win this – impressionist photography moves my like no other genre. Your work is so inspirational for me and I would really love to extend my knowledge and skill. I want to extend my creative thinking and take my photography into the art realm. I am self taught and would love to learn from an expert like yourself.
    Thanks Eva

  13. Barb Skelley

    Ah, Eva, you are a constant inspiration! Your photos are so dreamy, beautiful, words fail to express…If I could even come close to something like that in my own photos, it would be a dream come true. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the opportunity to win this course. And, Happy Birthday and many blessings for the year to come!

  14. I have been a follower of your site for several years and enjoyed it very much. I have dabbled in “impressionistic” style photography but I have so much more to learn.
    I am sure that I would learn valuable techniques and resources from you course. Having been a professional photographer for the past 8 years or so, I am ready to move on to new experiences.
    I also wan to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your site and newsletters, I always look forward to receiving them.
    Thank you for your offer of this course to a very lucky person!!

  15. Jocelyn Zame

    I’m in a photography rut. I’ve lost my spark and have taken very few photos lately. I need a challenge and a change of direction. I love your images and have tried to make a few of my own. A course to follow and a new direction is just what I need.

  16. Happy Birthday!

    As a young child I always had interest in being a photographer. Unfortunately life’s choices did not lead me down that path until much later in my life. After retiring from a successful career in Telecommunications is when my dream of being a photographer came into existence.

    For the last twenty years it seems I’ve been living, breathing, consuming anything and everything about photography. It is a fierce passion that requires constant fueling.
    I have learned a lot but not Impressionist Photography and love the beauty and softness this medium emits.

    It is one more item that is on my photography bucket list and being the winner will allow one more scratch off!

  17. Because everyone and everything around us, has a beauty that can make us happy. I want to be able to translate my visions, emotions, feelings and passions – into images for others to understand what I see and what I dream.

  18. I’m only a beginner on this impressionist journey, but it seems to be that the randomness needs to be planned. But how to plan? What to plan?
    This book will be my first waypoint on the impressionist journey . . .

  19. I would love to have this course as I have looked at it for the last 2 years with great desire. Between working full time and helping take care of my mother going through cancer and radiation, photography is the place where I find my balance, my happy place, my serenity, my me. I try to go to the beach each morning for sunrise, I try to mimic some of your work on my own. Sometimes I get close and others I don’t. It would be great to finally learn “how to” take a good impressionistic photo and have the right tools to do so. It is the style that I really love, it dances, it’s freeing, it’s calming, it’s musical, it’s peaceful, it is the style that really speaks to me. It makes me hunger for more. Thank you for always inspiring us. Thank you for the consideration of this gift, that is what it would truly be. Cheers Eva!

  20. Trond R. Tunheim

    First: Happy birthday from Norway! 🙂
    So: Because I want to learn more about Impressionist Photography.
    Have a nice day. 🙂

  21. Carol Anne

    I have followed you for many years and bought several of your books. I was inspired to take a course with you recently and my photography has been transformed…actually I have been transformed too! I see every thing differently now and can’t wait to try new things. I need this course to continue on my journey and to push me to an even more exciting artistic place. Your courses are pure joy!

  22. Jennifer Walton

    Happy Birthday. I would love this course to help me learn the building blocks of impressionist photography as I try to incorporate more of it into my own photography.

  23. Brenda Czaya

    Eva! Happy Birthday! What a delight to wake up this morning across the world from you to find your most delightful birthday celebration opportunity. While I’m not usually a bold person, can you see me jumping up and down, waving……”pick meeeee, pick me……” rather like an excited child?

    The reason I would love to be the recipient of your Fundamentals of Impressionist Photography course? Simply that Impressionism is the direction my voice calls and a finally have the time, equipment, camera knowledge, and most of all desire and motivation, to appreciate and utilize your class.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be considered. The winner will be lucky, indeed.

  24. Happy birthday again , Eva ! So glad to see this idea and why ???
    I will have your attention , probably will see how to do impressive images, i will get answers for my questions , i will learn some new creative techniques and i will increase my passion and ability to create my own style !

  25. Finding your photos on Facebook was a game-changer in my photography pursuit. I realized that a shallow depth of field wasn’t something that must be avoided – but that it could be embraced. The trick, as with all creative endeavors that skirt the edge of normal, is to convince the viewer it was intentional, and therefore was not ‘wrong’ or an ‘accident’. This is what I’m still working on! Your online course would be very helpful and allow me to grasp how to convey that intentionality.

  26. Sunny

    Happy birthday Eva!
    I am just beginning to try impressionist photography and am loving it so far. The course would likely speed my learning significantly and I would love to take it. Thank you for the generous birthday giveaway!

  27. Happy Birthday, Eva! I hope your new year is wonder-filled!
    I would love to win FUNDAMENTAL OF IMPRESSIONIST PHOTOGRAPHY online course because I want to learn how to be even more creative with my photography. I discovered some of the techniques you use quite by accident; learning about them will allow me to be even more intentional in my creative process!
    Pick me please!

  28. Don Parsons

    Although I have worked as a scientific photographer, photographing insects, I feel that your course would help move my photography in a more creative direction.

    Don Parsons

  29. Deborah Atkinson

    Eva, ever since I happened upon your Impressionist Photography site I have fallen in love with it. I bought a downloadable e-book but I could not download it, so I never received it. I am trying to emulate what other people are doing, but I can’t quite get the hang of it; and that is why I need your course!

  30. Penny Adam

    Happy Birthday Eva Polak!! I hope it brings you much cheer and enjoyment!

    I’ve long been interested in impressionist photography, searching the internet, periodicals, and talking with fellow photographers, then found you and this website! I’d love to learn more and put these learnings into practice. Whether I’m the “lucky one” or not, I’ll keep checking in.

    Be Well —