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Developing Your Own Visual Style
25 Jan 2019

Developing Your Own Visual Style

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Your own personal visual style defines your photographic identity and makes it possible for people to recognise your work.
I’m sure that you know at least one photographer with a very distinct style. His or her images are extremely creative and their work is immediately recognised.

Your style isn’t something you are born with; it develops over years of practice and the experience you gain turns your creative ideas into reality. Using similar processing presets, recurring compositional elements, or a certain set of tools, are all ways to give your images a unique look.
The more specialised you become, the more personal your style will become. Perhaps your style is already starting to form. If, for example, you have found you prefer to shoot with wide apertures, then you have already laid the foundations of your own personal approach.
A visual language is the product of a variety of individual preferences that can only develop naturally. To really succeed, you need to create great photos that are unmistakably yours.