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Can you become an artist with a camera?

3 May 2022

Can you become an artist with a camera?

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Every person has activities and tasks that come easily and others that we find difficult. Some things we don’t have a clue about. If you think about it, you’ll realize that you have acute consciousness about what you can’t do well or don’t like.
When it comes to the things you do well, you take them for granted after a while. Other people may be impressed, but you know it comes easily, and you’re not. You might even recognize it as a gift, as your thing, and it’s no big deal.
I believe that it is possible to teach someone to be an artist. But we all have met people who don’t think that art can be taught. They might say that you need the talent to be an artist. They may think anyone may gain skills, but you either have it or not to become an artist.
Talent is defined as an ability that some people have, and others do not. If you have an ability, it means that you find the task “easy” as opposed to others—those lacking talent—who find it difficult.
Why do some create better images than others, then?
When you look at a fantastic photograph, you look at the end product of a process measured in years – the countless hours of practice that have gone into making an image, the mastery of technique, the study of art, and the fluency in visual language. It is their regular practise that gives this expertise, not talent.
My approach is an enthusiastic encouragement and a “you-can-do-it” attitude. I want to liberate you from the fear of failure and help you develop the courage to explore and find out for yourself what works and what doesn’t. I want you to be able to create images like you were born to do it.
Becoming an artist with a camera is a possibility for anybody willing to study intensively and practise by taking many photos and paying greater attention to their surroundings.
Remember, your images are only a reflection of how advanced your technical skills are, combined with your powers of observation at a particular moment in time. If you want to get better at photography, the only thing stopping you is you. So focus on your skills, establish a system of self-improvement, and you will be on the path toward becoming an artist.
Becoming an artist is a long process. You don’t learn a language and reach a point when it is finally “learned,” and then you can use to it say what you wish.
As you practice, you will continually learn and refine the language of art. The more sophisticated your language becomes, the more your expressive range can expand.
It is important to know that failure and disappointment are essential components of growth in any discipline. What if you were always successful and everything you did was just fantastic? Would you even be able to recognize its greatness after a while?
To be more artistic, you must not be influenced by old ideas, dos and don’ts, structures, rules, formulas, theories, procedures, routines, tricks, effects, programs, even those of your own making. You must be free, new, energized and ready to feel, react, and express.
Of course, we all have preferences, and some things inspire us more than others. The important thing is that the preferences don’t get in the way.
When you stick with what you know and have done before, you keep having the same experience over and over again. But when you’re open and inventive, anything is possible.

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