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Be Creative All the Time

23 Feb 2016

Be Creative All the Time

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Making great images requires more than simply understanding how your camera works. Sure, fundamental knowledge is needed to ensure your images are technically correct, but to make them exciting and different requires your creative interpretation of the scene.

So, how do you become, and stay, creative? For me creativity is all about generating new ideas, finding new ways to capture things around me and seeing them in a new and different way. It starts with curiosity. I constantly ask questions and wonder how I can achieve a certain look or feel in my images. I observe and study light. I keep finding new ways to do things. I compare my images from different photo-shoots and try to figure out how and why I obtained different results.

snail in wonderland by eva polak

It’s quite simple – the more interesting you are in your photography, the more inventive you are, the more you are going to be able to develop your creativity. Don’t wait when you have time for a photo-shoot. Wherever you are going, look around you and see that place as a combination of form and colour. Look at it as if you are seeing it for the first time. Obvious images present themselves to anyone running around looking for them, but more subtle and unique ones may well be just in front of you, quietly waiting to be discovered. Be creative in all moments. Keep challenging yourself and create opportunities to discover something new.

Never quit. Perseverance is an important part of the creative spirit. Never be afraid to try new things, even if that means failing. When creating you will always hit walls – this is just part of the process. But you will also discover that there is always a new path that you don’t see the first time.

Remember that great photography is truly about possibilities, not just subjects or fancy gear. Creativity has little to do with your gear. It’s all about showing how the subject makes you feel. Being creative with your camera starts in your mind, not in your camera bag.

snail in wonderland by eva polak

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  1. Jean-Claude

    Whaowww … Wonderfull … It’s the only word I find to express my sentiment in front of theses photos…
    PS: sorry for my bad English, but it isn’t my mother langage …