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Be a Creative Artist!
6 Jan 2018

Be a Creative Artist!

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Perhaps you don’t feel like an artist because you can’t draw portraits, didn’t graduate from art school, or haven’t sold your work. But I believe it is passion, not a degree, that makes you an artist. And if you have a passion for photography you are an artist with a camera.

Art doesn’t always just happen. It’s great when it does, but many of us have to plan for it and fit it into our busy lives. Like most things in life, your creativity thrives when the right amount of attention is given.

Finding time to be creative is not always easy, but you don’t have to achieve great things every day. Being creative every day does not necessarily mean long photoshoots. Most of the time small steps have big benefits. You need very little to be creative; your phone camera will do. Never feel guilty about scheduling time to play with your camera. Next time you feel frustrated by the hectic, uncreative life you think you’re living, try switching your thinking and list the things you can do to enjoy a creative life. You only need a few moments to indulge your creative spirit. Pay attention to where your creativity comes from and build on that foundation. Remember, it’s your outlook on your life that is the key to living it the way you desire.

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Take some time every now and then to reflect on where you’ve been and to look forward to the future and all that it holds for you, making sure your creative life is heading in the direction that your heart desires.

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When you are motivated and full of ideas and inspiration, and perhaps have some techniques you want to try, don’t wait for a perfect moment. Just do it! Start in a small way to make sure you’ll succeed. It’s the act of doing rather than wishing that makes all the difference.

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Some days you’ll make great progress and see growth, and other days the smallest of baby steps is all that you can manage – but all steps, however small, bring you closer to living a creative life.

At the end of the day your images may never feature in galleries or museums. You may never sell anything, but your work will always make you happy and bring you a lot of satisfaction. And that’s why a creative and artistic life is worth having!