The Essence of Impressionist Photography
A practical guide for anyone who wants to create expressive impressionist photographs

By Eva Polak

This beautiful 78­page book is a great addition to every impressionist photographer's library.

Transcendent Light will teach you how to master the visual language of impressionist photography and capture expressive and artistic images. Aimed at those with some experience of photography, this book will stimulate your imagination, encourage you to try out various approaches to image-making and help you develop your own way of photographing in this exciting style.

You will learn how to:
• see beyond the obvious and make use of powerful elements within a scene such as light, line, colour, and shapes
• use your feelings, imagination and spontaneity
• recognise the infinite possibilities in creating images
• enjoy the creative process in which nothing is 'wrong'
• take artistic risks and experiment.

Wherever you are on your photographic journey, Eva will open your eyes to the colour and light that surrounds you and show you how to incorporate it into your images. She encourages you to simply enjoy the freedom and happiness that impressionist photography can bring.

So tap into your inner creativity and explore new artistic way of creating images.

What other people are saying about this book:

Eva's book "Transcendent Light" is sheer magic. This book will help emerging photographers enhance their technical skills and better articulate impressionist techniques. Eva's approach, which is both simple and structured, allows the reader to really connect with the imagination, drawing attention to personal practices and overlooked truths. One such example is Eva's description of how the camera provides limitless boundaries when it is used as a tool to mould the creative process. It is beautifully illustrated with easy to follow directions, and I confidently admit that Transcendent Light now sits in my library of essential books. Wendy Roche

Art is all around us but, as photographers, do we see art when creating a picture? This book will inspirephotographers to break the traditional rules and to enter into a world of non­literal representation, creativity and imagination. In "Transcendent Light – The Essence of Impressionist Photography" Eva says she "hopes to seduce you into experiencing impressionist photography and inspire you to experiment with new ideas and techniques." The book is sumptuously filled with beautiful impressionist photos to illustrate the chapters on the importance of visual skills, image building blocks, the magic of light, the power of lines, the meaning of colour and many creative secrets and techniques. This book will bring out the impressionist artist in you by opening your eyes to a new world of creativity and will help you to convey feeling and emotion in your photography.Bruce Burgess FPSNZ

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