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Get creative with Impressionist Photography!


Join Eva on this fun­filled and invaluable journey that will add richness and meaning to the images you take and infuse them with emotions. Explore the creative process through a series of exercises and turn your camera into a powerful tool of self-expression, using just one subject - dandelions.

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Transcendent Light

This book will teach you how to master the visual language of impressionist photography to capture expressive and artistic images. Aimed at those with some experience of photography, this book will stimulate your imagination, encourage you to try out various approaches to image making and help you develop your own way of photographing in this exciting style.

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Have you ever wondered how to create great impressionist images with your camera? Are you searching for new and exciting ways to unleash your creative side? If so, this book is for you. The secrets are revealed in easy to follow step-by-step instructions, illustrated with a collection of inspirational images. Order your copy today and begin the journey to beautiful impressionist images!

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Welcome to the 120 Ways to Photograph Flowers of a Crabapple Tree. This book is the first in a series of albums set to capture the beauty of different subjects in 120 ways.

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parallel universes

Imagine being transported into a magic and spectacular world of parallel universes. Let the powerful feeling of awe and fascination guide you as you take a beam of light and travel through time and space on a whimsical journey. Witness breathtaking, glorious sunsets, expensive landscapes, mesmerising and ever-changing displays of luminescence and colours.

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Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden features more than 100 exquisite colour portraits of cherry and crab apples blossoms. Those ethereal portraits take you on a magical journey to a fascinating but ephemeral world of blossoming trees. Immerse yourself in sweet, poetic images inspired by the sights, sounds, colours and smells of delicately coloured blooms. The perfect escape into a secret world, where everything is filled with colour, movement, texture and beauty.

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"At the beach" captures the spirit of the beach in a very unique way. This beautifully illustrated volume is ideal for your own personal enjoyment or to give as a lovely gift for a loved one, a cherished friend or a respected professional associate.

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Walking the Dog

"Walking the Dog" is a collection of Eva Polak's painterly images of dogs, captured in poses varying from inquisitiveness to sheer exuberance.

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