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Tips & Techniques

A Collection of Free Resources to Help You Become an Impressionist Photographer

Image of key koncepts header
The Visual Language of Abstract
Poetry of Light
Light and Mood

Image of how to header
Expressing Your Artistic Voice
How to be an Artist with a Camera
Illusion of Depth
How to Develop your Personal Style
Five Steps to Better Photography
How to Be Inspired Everyday
How to Maximize Your Photography Workshop Experience
Seven Steps to Finding Your Style
Mastery of Self-Expression
The Myth of Talent
How to evoke a sense of mystery

Image of inspiration header
Impressions of Belly Dancing
Abstract Photography
Impressions of Urban setting
Mastery of Abstraction
Learning to See
Impressions of Dogs
Pushing Boundaries
The Impressionist Eye
Impressions of Autumn

ICM Video tips
ICM Made Easy
Mastering Intentional Camera Movement ICM
Essential Equipment for ICM
Advanced ICM Techniques
How to ICM Technique Tutorial
The Top Mistake to Avoid with ICM Technique
The Essence of ICM
Art form or accident?
10 Common Problems in ICM

Image of techniques header
Camera Movement
Selective Focus

Image of Stories header
My Passion
A Voyage of Discovery
Interview in PhotographyBB Magazine

My students stories
Students of Light
Advanced Students of Light

Image of Must Have header
Peek inside my camera bag...
Lenses with Character – M42
My Exploration – Pentax 50mm 1.4 lens

Image of Video header
YouTube channel
4 Common Myth about Impressionist Photography
Unlock your Creative Potential with Impressionist Photography

Image of Interviews header
31 Day Inspired by Impressionism
The Art of Seeing
Be Creative All the Time
The 10 Commandments of Creativity
Five Easy Steps to Creativity
Developing Your Creative Spirit
Learning the Visual Language of Dance
What Have I Learned from my Dandelions Photography Project
How to Start a Successful Photography Project

Image of Interviews header
Olga Merrill
Wendy Roche
Paul Pacey
Alfred Gonzalez
Chris Friel
Erik Malm
Mirjam Appelhofl
Kathleen Clemons
Keld Kofoed Hansen
Cristina Runcan
Constance Fein Harding
Nicki Gwynn Jones
Lisa Mossel Vietze