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Available Photography Workshops

Become creative with Impressionist Photography, and learn new skills!

The Art of Seeing banner
The Art of Seeingt
Online Workshop

Retrain your eye and your mind to see in a new and creative way.

Learn to see creatively! Most of all see things only you can see.

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Poetry of light banner
Poetry of Light
Online Workshop

Imagine being able to capture light’s poetry in your photographs, to fully express yourself and create images that are not only beautiful but also communicate a whole range of emotions and moods.

Unleash Your Full Creative Potential in Impressionist Photography – Simply by Discovering the Secrets to Natural Light!

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Fundamentals of Impressionist Photography banner
Fundamentals of Impressionist Photography
Online Workshop

Are you frustrated with the rigid rules of traditional photography? Would you like to learn how to freely express your creativity? Are you ready to discover how to create artistic, painterly images?

Welcome to Fundamentals of Impressionist Photography, the go-to course for learning how to turn your camera into a paintbrush!

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Impressionist Photography Advanced Banner
Impressionist Photography Advanced
Online Workshop

If you wish to have your impressionist photography skills taken to the next level, this course is for you. You'll explore the visual language of photography, develop your sense of composition, learn new approaches to abstract design and discover advance techniques for creating beautiful and unique impressionist images.

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The Hiden world of Macro Photography banner
The Hidden World of Macro Photography
Online Workshop

Macro photography allows you to explore a whole world of amazing photography, right in your backyard or inside your home. It can be done any time of year, in any weather, and offers opportunities to truly flex your artistic muscles.

This course is designed to open the door to the whole new world of unseen beauties of nature. You'll spend five weeks learning special techniques for creating unique, artistic close-up images.

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The Secret Language of Abstract Photography Workshop banner
The Secret Language of Abstract Photography
Online Workshop

Unlock your creative skills to master the Secret Language of Abstract Photography.

In this course, we'll explore the symbolic meaning of lines, colour, and shapes and reveal entirely new ways of seeing the world around you. By the end of this course you'll be able to capture inspiring abstract images, and freely express your ideas, feelings and emothions through your photographs.

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Custom Workshops banner
Custom Photography Workshops

These courses are designed to meet your specific learning needs. Perfect for camera clubs and photography groups.

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Photography Mentorships banner
Photography Mentorships

This is a customised programme that focuses on your goals. Together we will create a vision of where you want to be, and then develop specific plans to get you there, expending your skills along the way.

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Impressionist Photography Challenge banner

This challenge is designed to show you how to apply easy and creative photographic techniques that will take your impressionist photos to the next level! And the best part - it's FREE

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