Tap into your inner creativity and explore new artistic ways of making images!

By Eva Polak

Do you love macro photography?
Do you want to make yours images more creative?
Would you like to use your photography as a tool of self-expression?
If so, this book is for you.

"The Secret Life of Dandelions" book will unleash your natural creative abilities as a photographer and artist. Join Eva on this fun and exciting journey that will add richness and meaning to the images you take and infuse them with emotions. Explore the creative process through a series of exercises and turn your camera into a powerful tool of self-expression, using just one subject - dandelions.

You will:
• Develop skills and try new techniques to become more creative
• Have more fun creating your photographs
• Believe in yourself as a creative artist.

Outstanding example images offer inspiration while the clear text explains the technical details; together they create a resource any photographer will come to rely on. "The Secret Life of Dandelions" is the perfect companion to jumpstart your creativity and enhance your image­making process.

What's inside the book:

• A 68-page book that will help you create images that are uniquely yours
• 14 creative exercises that help you to immediately apply what you're learning to your photography
• Short commentaries to extend your knowledge
• Over 200 photographic examples, many of them never published before.

In addition to watching yourself grow through different creative exercises, you'll learn how to employ the ideas and techniques presented to develop your personal style.

What other people are saying about this book:

In this work Eva gives away her secrets on how to go about personal image-making sessions using only one subject, in this case the humble dandelion. The book is delightful in that not only is it a visual feast of one photographer's amazing talent to capture a subject's depth and nuance, but also that it gives the reader some simple, fun tasks to enhance their own photography abilities. Wendy Roche

This is a single subject book about dandelions and, seemingly, not very exciting. But the opposite applies. Eva Polak's joint skills as a creative art photographer and graphic designer make this book a joy to hold and essential reading for both emerging and seasoned art photographers. Every page is compelling, with luscious images and crisp, clean design. Add to that heaps of practical advice in a simple terminology, and "The Secret Life of Dandelions" is a real winner! Eva has created a most valuable book to guide and inspire us all ­­ and keep on the library shelf for regular reads. I am delighted to endorse it.Ken Ball, art photographer and tutor, Australia

This book uses macro photography of dandelions as its simple subject, illustrating the old adage "less saying more." This instructional book, complete with exercises, teaches subjects such as learning to see, light and colour, abstracting shapes and textures, moods (emotions/feelings) and concludes with a chapter on "photographing your inner self". "You are creating you". Of course, the book is made complete with stunningly exquisite photographs of dandelions as you have never seen them before; mysterious, mesmerising light and colour; simple beauty and sensuality of nature which will both haunt and inspire you. Bruce Burgess FPSNZ

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Book Details:

68pp with over 200 images

14 creative exercises

Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced

Size: 20cm x26cm

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