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Olga Merrill Interview

Olga Merrill creates painterly, mysterious, intriguing artworks that bring imagination. Her dreams and her feelings are in her works. Abstract photography with endless creativity and experiences using different techniques and tools became a passion for her, and she is happy that she found the way to express herself through this style.
image taken by OLGA MERRILL

Tell us about yourself. When and how did your creativity begin to manifest itself, and how has it developed to where you are now?.

I lived and worked in Russia until March 2013 when I came to Maine USA. My life changed and at the end of 2015 my life changed even more. I received a nice gift – a camera – and my view of the world was made through lenses. I have to say that photography was a hobby for my father, and I remember the smell of chemicals from being with him in his darkroom. (Actually it was our bathroom!) Who would know that after more than 35 years from my first experience of photography, it would be my hobby? This hobby is playing a significant role in my life now. I must admit that I fell in love with abstract photography; I like to create painterly, mysterious, intriguing artworks that suggest imagination. I put my dreams and my feelings into my works. Abstract photography with endless creativity and experiences using different techniques and tools became a passion for me, and I am happy that I found the way to express myself through this style.

What inspires you?

I love to explore the world, so travel and adventure are big passions for me! I visit different museums and art galleries wherever I travel: Moscow, St Petersburg, Paris, Madrid, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Chicago, Oslo, Copenhagen and so on. It was and is a great source of inspiration for me. Music is a magic and powerful art; it touches us and, as one my favourite writers Haruki Murakami said, “Music brings a warm glow to my vision, thawing the mind ..." What else inspires me? I am a fan of gourmet food. When it is created by a master with delicious taste and great presentation, I can say it's a piece of art which I adore. Do you gain inspiration by the smell of delicious coffee? I do!

image taken by OLGA MERRILL

Which artists do you admire the most?

I admire works by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. In music, it will be the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky, and I will mention Zaha Hadid as a great architect.

What have been your greatest challenges and achievements?

I feel that the challenge is ongoing. Being a financial manager all my life and suddenly switching to being an artist without an art education, is a challenge I still have after three years trying to teach and educate myself - and I love it. I am enjoying this explorative process to discover new things and find the kinds of experiments I would like to take. Our world is full of hidden, wonderful moments waiting to be discovered!

How and when will I find my vision and my style? It’s a challenge for me now. This process is still driving me and for this reason I hope that some great achievements are ahead of me. I do not want to know when this magic moment will happen, because I really love to enjoy every moment of adventure that life can bring. I am really glad that some of my works have been exhibited in the USA and in Europe last year and this. My favourite Harbour series has been published in digital media as well.

image taken by OLGA-MERRILL

What ambitions do you have now, and where do you see yourself progressing in the future?

When people see my art and say, "These works are by Olga Merrill ", then I will be very happy. My name is my brand. Is that too ambitious? Why not? I love the words "what if " and "why not”? I think all people are artists in that they create their own life, and the range of colours or shades of grey they put on the blank paper of their life. It’s up of them - everyone has the freedom to create their own life. Believe in yourself! About the future? I am living by the principle - here and now; no past and no future, I’m enjoying every moment of life right now.

The best thing about your life right now?

I am alive and I smile at the world.

Something very few people know about you?

Sure, there exist a few moments that very few people know about, but I prefer to keep it in this way. I love the magic of mystery!

How can we find you? Website, blog, facebook?

Please visit my Website or Instagram

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