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Mirjam Appelhof Interview

Dutch artist Mirjam Appelhof lives in the Netherlands.
image taken be Mirjam Appelhof

What kind of photographer are you?

I am just me, telling my inner stories. I use the camera to translate my inner world into my images. My inspiration is my life, emotions, music, lyrics of a song ­ it can be anything.

Why do you take photographs?

Because I have a need to translate my feelings and this is a good way for me to connect with my inner self and then challenge myself and convey my ideas into images.

Where do you find those things that make you want to create?

I don't have to find them, they are already here…in everything I see I can find inspiration.

image taken be  Mirjam Appelhof

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by being a creative person?

Sometimes…it is a need to create…

When you're framing an image, what tools do you use and what ideas help you to compose?

I do mostly everything on feeling…

Do you ever have a picture in your mind of what you want to capture, before you look through the viewfinder?

No, not always, but mostly the feeling is already there…

What do you think about when you look through your viewfinder?

I discover new worlds every time, especially with my macro lens.

image taken be  Mirjam Appelhof

What are your other creative methods for creating images?

Making new worlds out of little things. Things which have no real meaning. I compose different styles together. I don't work with frames in my head, so everything is possible for me.

Does criticism bother you?

No, I follow what I believe in…

Do you have an inner critic?

Yes I have, and it gets stronger.

image taken be Mirjam Appelhof

Which artist do you admire the most?

Francesca Woodman

What are your artistic goals?

To come to a deeper inner process, to make a book and expose it all over the world.

Do you have any more words of wisdom to share with us?

Follow your heart, believe in dreams and dare to be brave.

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