The Stormy Sea of Marketing |Blog Tour


In the sea of marketing it is really hard to stay afloat. There are so many experts, and so much advice. Everyone has a right solution, the right tools, the right suggestions, and the right support. Instead of greater clarity the sky grows darker, the winds become gusty and the swell is growing.

Mountains of angry waves surround me. The wind is slamming the rain into my face. I hold on tightly to the mast, on to ropes, on to anything. It is difficult to hang on.I am alone. Lost. Hopeless. I am desperately trying to navigate from stormy waters to calmer seas.

I need a map that will guide me, and skills that will keep me on course. How am I going to survive the blowing winds of disappointment? How am I gong to find direction in the darkness? How am I going to pull through the storm? In the vastness of the ocean it is easy to lose hope. I can’t control the wind.

But I know that staying on course, as the winds change, is only possible if I develop the necessary sailing skills. I need to harness the power of the wind. I want to know how to transform the night sky into my personal road map. I need to know how to set a sail to find my way to a place where days are warm and the sea is calm.


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