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The Power of Perception

Unlocking Creativity Through Photographic Practice
3 May 2024

The Power of Perception

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Engaging in regular photography practice offers a beautiful combination of constancy and forgiveness. It’s a journey where each click of the shutter presents another opportunity for growth and improvement. As you commit to this journey, you’ll notice your techniques refining and your perception sharpening over time. For me, moss is a muse and a medium for this ongoing practice. 

Collecting and photographing moss has become a ritual that deeply connects me to nature. It’s like a series of scales in music or technical exercises in sports—repeated practices that hone my skills and deepen my understanding. Each time I photograph moss, I’m not just capturing its image; I’m flexing my perception and refining my interpretation of the world around me. 

The beauty lies in the subtleties—the ever-changing interplay of light and shadow, the evolving seasons, and the shifting hues of moss itself. In Japanese philosophy, there’s a term, “ichi-go ichi-e,” which encapsulates the essence of seizing the present moment, acknowledging its fleeting nature. Every camera click encapsulates a unique moment in time, a singular expression of existence. 

Embarking on your photographic journey requires only your camera and a subject that speaks to you. Trust your intuition, for your unique perspective, will breathe life into your photographs. To inspire your creativity, consider these prompts:

1. Garden Chronicles: Dedicate yourself to capturing the colours of a specific section of your garden over time—a month, a season, or even an entire year. Watch as nature’s palette evolves with the passing of time.

2. Weed Wonders: Take a closer look at the oft-overlooked weeds in your surroundings. Explore their intricate shapes and vibrant colours, recognizing that beauty can be found even in the most unassuming places.

3. Through the Window: Frame a distant view from a window using intentional camera movement (ICM). By regularly capturing this scene, you’ll document the subtle changes and transformations that occur over time, creating a colourful tapestry of moments.

4. Nuanced Nature: Select a plant that initially appears monochromatic but reveals a spectrum of hues upon closer inspection. Dive into the subtle variations and textures, finding fascination in every fallen leaf and petal.

Embrace the journey of discovery and expression through your lens. With each photograph, you capture not just an image but a fragment of your unique perspective on the world.