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The 10 Commandments of Creativity

15 Feb 2016

The 10 Commandments of Creativity

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There are many factors that might be keeping you from being creative. Let’s look at a list of ten ideas that you could use to make your creative process easier, giving you much pleasure and satisfaction from your photography.

The 10 Commandments of Creativity

1    Play, without caring about the outcome!
Enjoy the process of photography. Stop worrying about succeeding and embrace whatever you are doing. That, in and of itself, is success. Things flow much more easily when we stop trying too hard.

2    Play with your camera, often!
It is important to photograph at least once a week, if not every day. It is like any task you undertake – it takes time to develop a habit. Once you begin you will find yourself craving for time with your camera, creating new photographs and developing new ideas.

3    Make mistakes – lots of them!
When you experiment with something new and unfamiliar, you stretch your understanding of the image-making process. How do you know what you are capable of doing if you limit yourself to familiar ways of creating images?

4    Be kind to yourself!
Overly harsh self-criticism is the single most distractive force on your path to creativity. If you really feel you are not good, what’s the point of even trying? Catch that critical voice as it comes up, recognize it for what it is, let it go, and replace it with some self-acceptance and encouragement.

5    Forget the rules, and have fun!
No one is perfect. Impressionist photography is a process. Constantly ask yourself, “What would happen if I try that?” There is no one way of creating impressionist photographs. Learn all you can from other photographers and teachers, but then find the approaches that work best for you.

6    Don’t show your “masterpieces” to people who don’t get it.
Not everyone is equally qualified to judge your photographs; it’s up to you to carefully select a few people who share your artistic viewpoints. This list won’t always include your spouse or best friend. Be selective when choosing who to listen to. Always follow your heart. There is something that only you can say through your images. It’s your mission to find what that is.

7    Don’t tell yourself you are too busy, old, or untalented!
How many times do you stop yourself from doing something just because of these thoughts? Consider artists like Van Gogh and Gogain. They started their artistic journeys quite late in life but managed to achieve great things. If you really want to do something you will find time, regardless of how busy your life is. As for a talent, it’s important to realise that you bring more to the table as a photographer and artist now than you ever have before.

8    Make a lot of photographs!
Taking more pictures means more chances to capture great shots. Take your camera wherever you go. To capture great images you need to have your camera with you. You never know where and when you will come across your next “masterpiece”.

9    Do find like-minded people to play with!
Always search for fellow photographers who share your artistic viewpoints. You might find them at photography exhibition openings, on line, or at photography classes. Develop and nurture these relationships so that you won’t be alone on your artistic journey.

10    Look after yourself!
It is important to take care of yourself, as it ensures a happier and healthier life and, most importantly, more time for creativity!

Do you have other ideas for creativity? Please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. That is a great list! I really enjoy getting out and taking photos when it’s warm. Still a little to cold here in Minnesota yet…but in due time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. evapolak

      That’s so true Barbara! As Seneca once said “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.” 🙂