Composition and Impressionist Photography

Simply recording the subject with a camera is easy, but taking great impressionist photographs requires a totally different approach. In fact, impressionist images are one of the most difficult to capture successfully. It isn’t easy to catch the drama, depth, colour and atmosphere of a scene, as these attributes can easily be lost in the photograph itself. It’s not always a question of what to include in the composition; more often it is what to exclude, in order to concentrate attention on the most important part of the scene before you.

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Lenses with Character – M42

If you are ready to be more  adventurous with your impressionist photography you might consider buying a few M42 lenses.

The M42 lens mount is a screw thread  mounting, standard for attaching lenses to the DSLR camera. This was once a very popular type of mount, used in various camera models around the world, so a lot of great old lenses are available at modest prices.

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Awaken your imagination!

Get up close and personal with your subject!

Creative macro photography allows you to show unnoticed details of the world. Seeing and exploring the surroundings through a macro lens makes even an ordinary thing interesting and exciting. Look at the world more closely and you will see the beauty.  You will also discover infinitely more new subjects to photograph.

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