Awaken your imagination!

Get up close and personal with your subject!

Creative macro photography allows you to show unnoticed details of the world. Seeing and exploring the surroundings through a macro lens makes even an ordinary thing interesting and exciting. Look at the world more closely and you will see the beauty.  You will also discover infinitely more new subjects to photograph.

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Creative MACRO Photography

Close-up and macro photography are two of the most challenging forms of photography, yet potentially the most exciting and rewarding, often revealing stunning patterns, textures, colours, and details unseen by the naked eye.
The choice of lens and other accessories is critical, and this free e-book will examine what you need for this type of photography.

Inside of Macro Magazine

Inside of Macro Magazine

The Quickest Way to Creative Macro Photography

Delving into Macro!

Macro photography opens the door to the intricate and beautiful detail of our world that often goes unseen by the naked eye. It forces you to view things differently; it really encourages curiosity; it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. There are new worlds ready for you to explore – all around you!

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