Building Confidence

From the choice of subject matter to use of appropriate techniques, there are many factors that contribute to the success of impressionist photographs.
Confidence comes from practice and perseverance but equally it relies on building a sound understanding and experience of fundamentals of impressionist photography.

The ability to create impressionist effects relies on first gaining confidence with techniques and learning the basic knowledge about light, form and colour. The key to success is practice. The more you practice the more familiar you will become with techniques and other aspects of impressionist photography.

Of course, there may well be parts of an image that you are not happy with. So keep in mind what went wrong and try to figure out how to improve that in the future photoshoot. In this way, you learn something from each photograph and so gradually build up knowledge, experience and confidence.

Eventually, these basic skills will become second nature. Then there is more time to think about the qualities that will make your images personal and individual.


Composition and Impressionist Photography

Simply recording the subject with a camera is easy, but taking great impressionist photographs requires a totally different approach. In fact, impressionist images are one of the most difficult to capture successfully. It isn’t easy to catch the drama, depth, colour and atmosphere of a scene, as these attributes can easily be lost in the photograph itself. It’s not always a question of what to include in the composition; more often it is what to exclude, in order to concentrate attention on the most important part of the scene before you.

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Create Your Images in a Way that Makes You Happy

When I think of expressive photographs, I think of all those artists who decided to use their imagination, techniques and composition to create their images. They are artists who “invented” images in a style that is highly personal and subjective. They are not afraid to breaks all the rules, and no one opinion stopped them in their artistic pursuits.

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The Journey of Finding your Artistic Voice

When I began my love affair with impressionist photography I concentrated on different techniques. I believed if I mastered a technique I would produce a good image. I practised the various ways that I had read about in many different books, trying to produce interesting effects. I purchased different lenses and used many different accessories. Mastering the tricks and skills was simple and fun, but no matter how well I used them, I didn’t produce truly satisfying, personal statements. It took many photo-shoots for me to realise these tricks were simply techniques, and in order to become a better and more creative artist, what I needed to explore and understand was something more than just knowing how to use my camera.

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Go Beyond Special Techniques for More Interesting Impressionist Images

There are plenty of ways to create impressionist photographs. The more I create impressionist images the more I discover new ways of using my camera. I always feel free to take chances and ask myself, “What if…?”

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