Composition and Impressionist Photography

Simply recording the subject with a camera is easy, but taking great impressionist photographs requires a totally different approach. In fact, impressionist images are one of the most difficult to capture successfully. It isn’t easy to catch the drama, depth, colour and atmosphere of a scene, as these attributes can easily be lost in the photograph itself. It’s not always a question of what to include in the composition; more often it is what to exclude, in order to concentrate attention on the most important part of the scene before you.

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How to Use the Principle of Movement to Create Great Images

Creating good composition in your photography does not have to be done by guesswork. It can easily be studied, practised and improved. By arranging the elements of a photograph carefully you will influence and control how your audience will view your images. This will help you to communicate more effectively through your images. With a well-composed image, you can create a sense of excitement or produce a feeling of calm.

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