Journeys to Abstraction

Abstract photography can be challenging, and probably the biggest challenge is to do it well.  Most often, an abstract image will not have a recognisable object to inform the viewer what the image’s subject matter is.  But the viewer can respond to the photograph’s colours and shapes and can sense what you were trying to convey.  The viewer can feel the mood of the image.  You don’t need to know what the subject of an image was if you know how it makes you feel.  Abstract art is all about engaging the emotions of the viewer.

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Photo of the Month

There is something magical about taking the first image of the photoshoot. You can never quite tell where it might take you.

I wasn’t expecting to discover anything special that afternoon, when I look at my lawn through my camera’s viewfinder. A fresh, crisp scent of the wild mint wafted over me in a slow, invisible cloud. There was a familiar, happy, yellow face of a dandelion. Some sharp and angry blades of grass. An innocent daisy was looking humbly. A tall, slim cowslip was trying to get my attention.

But I wanted something else, something different and exceptional. Something that would help me to escape from the ordinary. So I decide to use my secret weapon – water.

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Photo of the Month

On one hot December afternoon I was seating in my garden.  The sun was high and strong, the air still. It was  really hard to move in such penetrating heat. Even the birds were silenced, I imagined they were high in the trees, statue like, breathing with open beaks. Light was too bright to read, even in the shade of an umbrella. So instead I watched the ice-cubes in my glass.

At first I was fascinated by lines and reflected colours.

Ice cube project

Then by the texture of melting ice.

ice cube project

After a while, I started to notice shapes and some figures appeared in my images.

ice cube project

Finlay when the ice nearly melted, I’ve spotted this little “ice monster”.

ice cube project