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Day 1

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to October!  This is an exciting challenge as I am joining hundreds of other bloggers for a 31 day series. Each blogger chooses a topic to write on for 31 days straight.  My topic is 31 days Inspired by Impressionism. There will be some movies to watch, music to listen, inspirational quotes, some challenges and of course plenty of impressionist photography.

Impressionism means taking inspiration directly from nature, trusting your senses rather than what you think you know.      Michael McClure

For me the guideline for impressionistic approach is to free your mind from what you think you know about your subject and respond to purely visual sensations of colour and light.

How well do you know and understand Impressionism?
Watch this movie to find out.

When looking at impressionist paintings:
How does they make you feel?
Is there a way you can use your camera to create some of that feeling in your own work?
What do you see in impressionist work that is missing in your own work?

Please share with me your thoughts and ideas!

This is the 1st post in a 31 Day Series: 31 Days Inspired by Impressionism.
Bloggers from around the world are joining in writing a 31 Day series, find a few that interest you and check them out.

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12 Responses

    1. you try to evoke emotions and you suceced, in my opinion.One of the things my mom would talk to me about was knowing the light source in the picture. It affects everything in the picture and you’d better be consistent on where the light and shadow fall. Thinking of that and looking at the Monets above, I see that he was always rigorous with light source even as he played with that light’s effects.I love the imperfection/impression aspect that you connect from Monet to your photos, and that’s one of the points you make that help me understand what you are doing. In the Monet above with the lily pads, isn’t it amazing how the left side of the willow tree melts from greens into blurred reds?I love these Influencing Me posts. Fascinating and rare to get to hear what goes on in an artist’s mind. Most artists I’ve known are quiet and I’ve just watched them work (when I worked (administration) at the art school where my mom studied. (Adult studies.)) I loved being around all the artists, and enjoyed their quiet nature. (Relaxing for a writer.) But at the same time, I really like hearing what you are thinking about! It’s a whole nother world for those of us on the outside of it.Nia

  1. Anne Williams

    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s dvd! Thank you Eva! I really love Monet’s work, and have been to see his home and garden, and also his lilies work in the Orangerie.

    What I love about impressionist photography is the way it can move me emotionally. It does this by its lack of detail and its concentration of capturing different forms of light. It enables me to make the image personal to me because I can place myself in it: I can be the character in it, or the place can be a place that is special to me.

  2. Zelda Wynn

    An enjoyable video encompassing many moods and light.
    I understand most, will continue reading Art History books 🙂