The Journey of Finding your Artistic Voice

When I began my love affair with impressionist photography I concentrated on different techniques. I believed if I mastered a technique I would produce a good image. I practised the various ways that I had read about in many different books, trying to produce interesting effects. I purchased different lenses and used many different accessories. Mastering the tricks and skills was simple and fun, but no matter how well I used them, I didn’t produce truly satisfying, personal statements. It took many photo-shoots for me to realise these tricks were simply techniques, and in order to become a better and more creative artist, what I needed to explore and understand was something more than just knowing how to use my camera.

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Journeys to Abstraction

Abstract photography can be challenging, and probably the biggest challenge is to do it well.  Most often, an abstract image will not have a recognisable object to inform the viewer what the image’s subject matter is.  But the viewer can respond to the photograph’s colours and shapes and can sense what you were trying to convey.  The viewer can feel the mood of the image.  You don’t need to know what the subject of an image was if you know how it makes you feel.  Abstract art is all about engaging the emotions of the viewer.

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