Expressive Flowers

Flowers make excellent models; they are incredibly beautiful, they will pose for you any time of the day and never complain.  Learning to see the intricate forms and colours of the simplest blossom will enhance your ability to see and photograph everything.

Photographing flowers takes patience and concentration. I wish I could tell you there is a simple method for creating impressionist images of flowers, but there isn’t one. Each variety presents a new challenge, but with practice you will very quickly learn how to control your camera and witness magical things happening before you.

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How to Make Your Abstract Images Stand Out

Abstract photography offers a real test of a photographer’s skill, creativity, and imagination that sets it apart from other genres. There’s nothing quite like coming home from a photo shoot knowing you’ve nailed every element – the camera settings, the lighting, the composition, as well as capturing the specific mood or expressing an idea. However, anyone who’s tried abstract photography has also probably experienced the disappointment that comes when a technical error, bad composition, or misjudged lighting spoils a shot.

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Why Do I Need a Mentor?

Most successful photographers in the world have great mentors who help them unlock their potential. The journey from novice to expert is long, and full of mistakes and major obstacles. This is why mentors are so important. They will help you to make progress quickly. As they’ve already been there and done that, they can give you the advice they wish they had been given when they first started out.

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