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Wendy Roche Interview

Wendy Roche is an Australian impressionist photographer who travels throughout the world, capturing images that provoke a deep sense of mystery and mood.
image taken by Wendy Roche

Tell us about yourself. When and how did your creativity begin to manifest itself, and how has it developed to what you are doing now?

I am married and have four children and one black Labrador. I have a Bachelor of Health Science. For many years photography was my passion, but mostly to document the life journey of my family. I discovered my love for creative photography after doing a workshop on Impressionist Photography eight years ago, and now rarely take an image that is in focus!

I find that the pressure of upcoming exhibitions makes me explore my creativity and push the boundaries. I always like to have a new project to be working on. General I carry a small notebook withme so that I can write down any new ideas that come to my head. I like to work on one project at a timeand usually it revolves around beach, feminine form and flowers.

image taken by Wendy Roche

What inspires you

I am very inspired by nature itself. There is always something amazing to see in nature and, if you looka little closer and for a little longer, a new way to see it. Other photographers and artists inspire me, butI don't want my work to be guided by them. I think even subconsciously we take on others' ideas once we have seen them. I love to do photography workshops whenever I travel.

What have been your greatest challenges and achievements?

The greatest challenge to me would have been my first solo exhibition. My photography is very personal to me, and exposing it to everyone at my exhibitions is daunting because viewers all have their own interpretations of my work. Because it is an unusual style of photography, some people don't quite get it. There is always a risk of failure and rejection, but that is always a risk that I am willing to take because it helps my creative style develop even more. Having art critics review my work and then reading their comments in the paper is also daunting, but satisfying. Exhibiting in Hong Kong and Sydney were great personal achievements for me.

image taken by Wendy Roche

What ambitions do you have now and where do you see yourself progressing in the future?

I have a couple of solo exhibitions lined up for the New Year, as well as teaching Creative Photographyworkshops in Australia. I have been asked to be a keynote speaker at next year's Australian Photographic Society's Annual Conference at which I will deliver two sessions. One will be on Slow Shutter Photography and the other on Lensbaby. Because I create my images all in­camera I am constantly looking at new techniques to make this exciting to me.

Best thing about your life right now?

The best thing about my life right now is that my family is happy and healthy. My kids have all left home and I have plenty of time to further develop my photography. I have a very supportive husband who allows me to steer our holidays to destinations which will be helpful in developing my skills as a fine art photographer.

image taken by Wendy Roche

Something very few people know about you?

I broke my leg last year while taking a photo. I was on holiday in the Kimberly region of Australia and was going to take some "bucket list" images. I now make a mental note to stand still while I am shooting!

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