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Creative Secrets of the Tiny World

Take control of your camera and inject a little poetry into your work!

Have you ever wanted to get ‘up close and personal’ to your photographic subject, but didn't know how? Are you frustrated because your macro photos look only ‘average’ no matter what you do? Would you like to improve your creative technique and make more exciting and visually interesting images? Would you like to learn how to take photographs of flowers that highlight their mystery and beauty? If you are keen to master artistic macro photography quickly and painlessly, then this workshop is for you.

Macro photography allows you to explore a whole world of amazing photography, right in your backyard or inside your home. It can be done any time of year, in any weather, and offers opportunities to truly flex your artistic muscles.

This course is designed to open the door to the whole new world of unseen beauties of nature. You'll spend five weeks learning special techniques for creating unique, artistic close-up images.

The purpose of this workshop is to:
  • Help you to overcome and avoid the common difficulties that come with this type of photography
  • Help you to understand the importance of depth of field and how to control it
  • Help you to develop the macro photographer’s mindset
  • Help you to compose a photograph artfully
  • Provide you with instructions to ensure you capture the best images possible

I will discuss the techniques behind my photographs and share the secrets behind my close-up and macro images.

What you are going to learn

The Power of Your Equipment

This lesson will give you an overview of equipment that you REALLY need to create macro images. You will learn how to achieve certain looks and effects using different lenses and accessories. Download this lesson for free.

Topics incuded: Close-up filters, extension tubes, teleconverters, reversing rings, macro lenses, useful accessories, other lenses

The Art of Seeing

In part two you will discover the most important tool - your creative eye.

Topics incuded: The Difference between Looking and Seeing, Seeing Beyond the Subject, The Art of Observation, Long Term Project

Back to Basics

In this lesson you will understand the various camera functions and the relationships among them, and you will have a much better idea of how your camera works.

Topics included: The Exposure Triangle, Setting Exposure, Exposure Modes, Metering Modes, Depth-of-Field Preview, White Balance

The Magic of Depth of Field

In this lesson we examine depth of field and various factors behind it. The ability to control depth of field is one of the most important creative tools you have, as different depths of field within an image will tell a completely different story.

Topics included: What is depth of field? Four ways of using depth of field to create interesting compositions, Understanding aperture, Bokeh and Aperture Shape, The Importance of Background, Background Blur, The Relationship between your Object and its Background, Things to Consider about Background, Focus, Angle of View, Focus Stacking

The Magic of Light

During this week, we will explore light. We will examine the various types of light. When you realise that it isn’t so much the subject you are photographing but the light falling onto it or being reflected from it, photography becomes much easier to understand - and good images are easier to find.

Topics included: The characteristics of light, Hard light and soft light, Front lighting, Side lighting, Backlighting, Top Light, Reflected Light, Dappled Sunlight, Special effects, Chromatic aberration

The Magic of Colour

In this lesson, we will explore colour. Instead of relying purely on your senses to determine whether colours will work together or not, you need to be equipped with some basic colour theories so that you know how to achieve ‘colour harmony’ in your macro photos.

Topics included:Colour Wheel, Colour Relationship, The power of colour, Red, blue, yellow, green, complementary colours, Analogous or harmonic colours, Warm and cool colours, Colour Contrasts

The Power of Composition

This lesson will highlight what you need to consider before pressing the shutter button to create powerful compositions.

Topics included: Exploring composition, Steering the Viewer’s Gaze, Golden Ratio and the Rule of Thirds, Visual Balance, Tension, Focal point, Contrast, Simplicity, Common Mistakes

Creative Techniques

This week we dive into numerous creative techniques to make your photography fun and visually exciting.

Topics included: Watercolour washes, Selective focus, Defocusing, Water droplets, Vantage point, Bokeh, Mirror lens effect, Special effect - rain, White balance, Multiple exposures, Using a slow shutter speed, Shape and form, Pattern and texture, Spiders’ webs, Honey/sugar and many more

How to Boost Your Creativity

In this section we will explore a number of ways to help you keep your photography fresh and develop your style, even when you are in the middle of a difficult creative phase.

Topics included:Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Shoot From the Heart, Imitate Your Role Models, Learning to “Read” a Photo, How to Find and Use Sources of Inspiration, Developing Your Own Visual Style, Pre-Visualize the Result, Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment.

Download →a full table of content.

Once you purchase this course you will:
  • study at your own pace from home and start at the time to suit you.
  • Have five weeks of creative indulgence
  • Receive my help and support for the whole five weeks
  • Gain insights and learn about creative macro photography
  • Have an opportunity to ask me questions and receive feedback
  • Learn new creative techniques
  • Develop the macro photographer’s mindset
  • Gain confidence in your creative and artistic abilities with macro photography
  • Receive, free of technical jargon, a 426-page digital manual with exercises, tips, prompts and variations to extend your knowledge, with more than 400 photographic examples

When is this course? Each of my online courses is available on demand. Sign up today and receive your first lesson in your inbox tomorrow!
Do I need be artistic and creative? I believe that everyone is creative. What you need is to be open-minded and willing to try new things. My intention is to give you an encouraging environment to help your creativity to flourish.
I've never taken an online course. How does it work? Each workshop is an online photography class. Upon receipt of the course fees you will receive an opening email with study materials and assignments every week.
What If I've taken one of your other online courses…will I still learn something new? Absolutely! Each course covers different material specific to the subject.
*Can I have my lessons over 10 weeks rather than 5 weeks, as I'm tight for available time at the moment? Absolutely. You could even have monthly lessons if you wish.
What level of photographic experience do I need in order to attend? You need to have a good understanding of photographic craft and your camera.
How do I sign up? Sign up by clicking the 'buy now' button on this page to proceed with your Paypal payment. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at
Do I have to complete every assignment? No. But I know you'll learn even more if you do. But please, don't feel rushed! If you need more time to complete the assignment that's OK. You can always send it later.
Can I get additional critique from you? Of course. I'll be here to make comments and give feedback whenever you need it for the duration of the workshop.
Does it matter where I live? Not at all.
What is the price in Canadian (or other currencies) dollars? When you proceed with your Paypal payment, Paypal will automatically calculate that for you at the current exchange rate for NZ dollars.
Do you have more questions? Please email me at if you have any further questions. I will be happy to assist you. I look forward to seeing you on my workshop.


Want more details?


You’ll already have a good understanding of the photographic craft and your camera. You'll need to know the fundamentals, such as how your camera works, and a working knowledge of f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO, etc. You will need a macro lens or alternatively a 50mm prime lens with teleconverter, or a telephoto lens. More suggestions about equipment will be given during the first lesson. Please contact me at if you need more information.

How do I access my course?

When you register you will receive an immediate Paypal receipt. Your "Welcome" e­mail will be sent within 48 hours. If you do not receive a "Welcome" e­mail from me within 48 hours, please check your spam folder or let me know that you have not received it. Please forward a copy of your Paypal receipt and the name of the Class.

How is the workshop content delivered?

Upon receipt of the course fees you will receive an opening emails with study materials and assignments every week. You will be able to contact me with any questions you have, via email.

Each lesson will include informative explanation of all aspects of that week's subject, complete with photographic examples, tips and additional suggested exercises.

Is there homework?

There will be photographic and other exercises each week, based on the topic for that week.

What is the price for this workshop?

The price is $NZ200 for the full five weeks. (That's only $NZ40 per week.)

How do I pay?

Payment is made through PayPal, and you can use a credit card through PayPal if you wish. If you would like to discuss other payment options, please email me at

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any further details and/or information.

This course is available on demand. Sign up today and receive your first lesson in your inbox tomorrow!


Workshop Details

DURATION: Five weeks* (see FAQ below)

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced



INCLUDED: 426-pages manual

YOU’LL HAVE: Weekly assignments and photo­shoots