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Impressionist Photography Advanced Online Workshop

Indulge your inner artist and imagine creativity with no limits

Are you frustrated with rigid rules of traditional photography? Would you like to learn how to create artistic, painterly images? Welcome to Impressionist Photography Advanced, the go-to course for learning how you can turn your camera into a paintbrush! If you wish to have your impressionist photography skills taken to the next level this course is for you. In Impressionist Photography - Advanced, you'll explore the visual language of photography, develop your sense of composition and learn new approaches to abstract design. It aims to help you find and develop your own personal creativity and visual expression.

I will discuss the techniques behind my photographs and share the secrets behind my images.

What you are going to learn

Mastery of Light

During week one, we will explore light. We will examine the various types of light and how we can use light in our images.

Topics incuded: See the Light, Properties of Light, Light - Level of Contrast, Direction of Light, Colour of Light.

"It was a wonderful week of chasing the light, and discovering many kinds of light! More differences between the types of light and how this can affect the creativity of making photos day by day and from one moment to the next moment! I can say: light is the most inspiring element! I see the world of creativity is getting wider and deeper, beyond the subjects and techniques! I saw how the light can invite me to the subject or lead my eyes to travel to another subject."
Salwa Afef

Mastery of Colour

During week two we'll be diving into the magical world of colour. It's time to learn about the nuances of colour combinations and develop the mastery of colour.

Topics included: Properties of Colour, Understanding the Colour Wheel, Warm and Cool Colours, Complementary Colours, Analogous Colours, Want to Know More?

"Colour is something that I feel personally I needed to understand better and this week took me through the "rabbit hole" to the beginning of understanding how we see and measure colour to processan emotional experience for the photographer and the viewer. I started to notice how we as a society use colour in EVERYTHING ­ nature, advertising and art. Eva, I must say I am enjoying your classes immensely and don't want this to end. You are definitely giving us an opportunity to see our work in a whole new way. Thank you"
Dale Carter Kirk

Mastery of Lines

Now it is time to start exploring lines as the basic element of vocabulary in photographic language. We will discover how to break down each scene to simple lines, and then try to put those lines together like a jigsaw puzzle to create compositions that support our idea or the feelings that we want to convey.

Topics included: Awareness of Lines, Meaning of Lines, Relationship between Lines.

"I discovered that there were many possibilities for lines in my photo­ shoot. One of my goals was to create stronger photographs this time, and I think seeing the "lines" helped me to develop stronger compositions"
Lynda Meyers

Advanced Techniques

This week, our focus is on learning advanced techniques to create impressionist images.

Topics incuded: Creative Use of Light, Bokeh, Eva's Advanced Techniques, Tips and Variations.

"I have enjoyed the challenges you set and have learnt a lot. I also feel I have produced work that I haven't done before. Thank you!"
Elizabeth Mather

Mastery of Mood

During week six, we'll tackle mood. We'll look at how to make use of elements of design to express and convey mood in our images.

Topics included: Light and Mood, Colour and Mood, Lines and Mood

"The valuable thing that I learned from this assignment was how important it is to think exactly what I want to achieve with my image that I want to make. To plan it from the top down; to envision it in my mind, from the mood I want to portray, to the light, line, colour, camera technique to use, image format, and so on. I imagine it is like the process a painter would go through when planning a painting! It is quite challenging, but very powerful."
Anne Williams

The Sweet Spot of Creativity

In our final week we'll look at creativity. How to find ways to express our inner artist and develop a new way of looking at the subject in a more imaginative way.

Topics included: Finding the Sweet Spot of Creativity, How to Develop your Inspiration, Vision and Skills, How to Improve your Images, How to Take your Images to the Next Level.

"I feel I am on the pathway to creativity, excited about my journey as an Impressionist photographer!"
Linda Meyers

This course is open to any photographer who wants to give their impressionist photography skills - and their creative vision - a giant boost. By the end of this six-weeks long journey you will be equipped with an arsenal of tips, tricks, and techniques to take beautiful impressionist pictures. I will teach you how to think of your photography as an artistic process and will examine questions to ask to create the best possible images in our OWN style.

You will discover how to:
  • see beyond the obvious and make use of powerful elements within a scene such as light, line, colour, and shape
  • develop a sense of control over impressionist techniques
  • believe in yourself as a creative photographer
  • have more fun making art
  • develop skills and try new techniques to become more creative
  • tap into your creative process and renew your creative spirit.
  • study at your own pace from home and start at the time to suit you.
Once you purchase this course you will:
  • have my help and support for the duration of the course
  • receive a printable 76-page digital manual with over 30 exercises, tips, tricks and variations to extend your knowledge, and over 100 photographic examples

We will also explore ways to look at and think critically about your own images, so that you can analyse what's working and identify areas for growth. This workshop will give you the skills and inspiration to take your work to new heights.


When is this course? Each of my online courses is available on demand. Sign up today and receive your first lesson in your inbox tomorrow!
Do I need be artistic and creative? I I believe that everyone is creative. What you need is to be open-minded and willing to try new things. My intention is to give you an encouraging environment to help your creativity to flourish.
What kind of camera and other equipment do I need for your workshops? Whatever equipment you have will be fine.
I've never taken an online course. How does it work? Each workshop is an online photography class. Upon receipt of the course fees you will receive emails with study materials and assignments every week.
What If I've taken one of your other online courses…will I still learn something new? Absolutely! Each course covers different material and aspects of abstract/impressionist photography.
What level of photographic experience do I need in order to attend? You need to have a good understanding of photographic craft and your camera.
How do I sign up? Sign up by clicking the 'buy now' button on this page to proceed with your Paypal payment. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at
Do I have to complete every assignment? No. But I know you'll learn even more if you do. But please, don't feel rushed! If you need more time to complete the assignment that's OK. You can always send it later.
Can I get additional critique from you? Of course. I'll be here to make comments and give feedback whenever you need it for the duration of the workshop.
Does it matter where I live? Not at all.
What is the price in Canadian (or other currencies) dollars? When you proceed with your Paypal payment, Paypal will automatically calculate that for you at the current exchange rate for NZ dollars.
Do you have more questions? Please email me at if you have any further questions. I will be happy to assist you. I look forward to seeing you on one of my workshops.

So join me today for six weeks, exploring of the art of impressionist photography.

Want more details?


A good understanding of photographic craft and your camera. You'll need to know the fundamentals - i.e., how your camera works, and a working knowledge of f/stops, shutter speed, ISO, etc.

How do I access my course?

When you register you will receive an immediate Paypal receipt. Your 'Welcome' email will be sent within 24 hours. If you do not receive a 'Welcome' email from me within 24 hours, please check your spam folder or let me know that you have not received it. Please forward a copy of your Paypal receipt and the name of the class.

How is the content for the workshop delivered?

Upon receipt of the course fees you will receive emails with study materials and assignments every week. You will be able to contact me via email with any questions you have.

Each lesson will be an informative explanation of all aspects of that week's subject, complete with photographic examples, tips and additional suggested exercises. Once you have taken your photos, you will need to email them to me for an evaluation. I will offer an honest, to the point critique of your photographs. You will have a week to complete the assignment. Please note that course materials will be made available to you as you progress through your course and submit your assignments.

Is there homework?

There will be photographic and other exercises on the topic for each week.

What is the price for this workshop?

The price is $NZ350 for the full six weeks. (That's less than $NZ60 per week).

How do I pay?

Payment is made through PayPal and you can use a credit card through PayPal if you wish. If you would like to discuss other payment options, please email me at

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any further details and/or information.

This course is available on demand. Sign up today and receive your first lesson in your inbox tomorrow!

Sign up today and start exploring secrets of impressionist photography!

Workshop Details

DURATION: Six weekss* (see FAQ below)

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced


AVAILABLE: On demand

76pp manual

Weekly assignments and photo­shoots

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