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Fundamentals of Impressionist Photography Online Workshop

Free yourself from the constraints of traditional photography - and turn your camera into a paintbrush!

Whether you are about to take your first impressionistic image, or simply want to take better photos in this evocative style, Fundamentals of Impressionist Photography will prepare you to take beautiful and expressive pictures anytime and anywhere.

In this course we will look at the ideas and techniques of Impressionist Photography, and we will learn how to use captivating and simple techniques that turn ordinary scenes into light-filled impressionist photographs.

You will receive six weeks of my attention, and during this time I will show you how to create beautiful impressionist images, provide feedback, answer all your questions, and push you out of your comfort zone.

During this workshop I will take the mystery out of impressionist photography and help you get started on creating beautiful painterly pictures.

Once you purchase this course you will:
  • get my help and support for the duration of the course
  • learn core concepts every impressionist photographer needs to know
  • gain insights and learn about impressionist photography
  • have an opportunity to ask me questions and receive feedback via email
  • learn new creative techniques
  • gain confidence in your creative and artistic abilities
  • meet and interact with people who share your passion.
  • study at your own pace from home and start at the time to suit you.

What you are going to learn

Introduction to Impressionist Photography

Topics included: What is Impressionist Photography? Pictorialism - a bit of history

I loved your first lesson: I loved the history of Pictorialism and learning about the early photographers. Oh to capture photographs like that! And I loved your assignment because I learned something very, very important. That is, when I 'feel', something happens in my images. I believe that feeling comes through! And because they are my feelings coming through in my images, I do not need to be anxious about what other people think, as I have been in the past. I have found a new confidence. Thank you, Eva!
Anne Williams

Learning to see beyond the subject

Topics included: What do you see when you open your eyes and really look? Find the essence of your subject.

Everything in life shuld be as joyful as discovering that one can make new art, in new ways, with renewed enthusiasm. And I thank you for all that you have given me, us and the photographic artist still unknown to you.
Karen Colbert

Techniques 1 - using filters

Topics included: Using Vaseline, Reflections, Multiple exposures, Other possibilities.

I must congratulate you on your generosity with information on techniques etc. It is opening a whole new dimension beyond my experiences.
Robin Ormerod

Techniques 2 - using aperture

Topics included: Defocusing, Selective focus, Using Bokeh, Mirror lens.

The most important thing that I've learned about these techniques is that I have to think more about thecomposition, concentrate on what I'm doing, and remember after any mistake what I did to avoid it in the next photo.
Salwa Afef

Techniques 3 - using shutter speed

Topics included: Panning technique 1, Panning technique 2, Zoom burst, Beyond 1sec., Camera movement, Long exposures/movement.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and the accompanying assignment. I found it an extremely useful task to begin, this time, with a subject of interest, to feel and to see, and then to decide how to capture those feelings with one of the techniques you have provided us with.
Anne Williams

Making the most of your creative skills

Topics included: Finding the sweet spot of creativity, Tips for your photo-shoots, Final notes for your artistic journey.

What I have enjoyed about this course is seeing other work and the fact that setting specific tasks has taken me way out of anything I have done before and pushing myself to do better.
Penny Anderson

Take advantage of this course and start your artistic journey today!


Workshop Details

DURATION: Six weeks* (see FAQ below)

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to intermediate


AVAILABLE: On demand

70pp manual

Weekly assignments and photo­shoots

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