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Custom Workshopsby Eva Polak

I offer a range of workshops/courses to suit your individual needs.
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Interested in private or custom photography workshops? Have something specific you want to learn? Looking for individual instruction or would you like to design your own class for yourself and a group of friends?

I create customised programmes that are delivered at a time and in a location that best works for the group. These courses are designed to meet your specific learning needs. I will work closely with you to identify your learning objectives before designing the workshop. I regularly conduct customised courses in:
"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."-- Pablo Picasso

Workshop fees vary according to the custom course outline based on needs and requirements. . I am available to travel anywhere to work with small groups of up to 10 participants on one day or weekend­long workshops. This is perfect for camera clubs and photography groups. Please note that participant registration is the responsibility of the "hosting" group.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any further details and/or information.

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What Others Say

Eva – your presentation was superb – the right balance of information, practical exercises that stretchedour imagination, comfort zones and boundaries. Heather

A special thank you Eva for the cheerful, warm, relaxed and generous way you shared your knowledge with us. It makes learning so much more pleasurable. Bryan

Hi Eva,It was a fabulous weekend ­ there is nothing like being pushed to think outside the square and our normal realm of creativity. Moira

Hi Eva,I saw things in macro that I would not have known to even look for before and now it's all about practice and seeing the light. Nicki

Hi Eva, Thank you for the inspiration and discovery that you encouraged in me during your workshop at Muriwai Beach! I had a wonderful time and would come back and do it all again any day. I hope that one day you will do a follow up workshop for those of us who attended this one! You were a great teacher and I loved the gentle way you taught, giving everyone constructive and yet very encouraging feedback. Wendy Roche

Hi Eva, Thanks for a wonderful photographic experience. You were a fabulous tutor. It was a great weekend with a stimulating bunch of people. Elizabeth

Hi Eva, This weekend has been a fantastic learning experience for me. The learning started a month before the workshop when I received your original email with the five questions. To answer these questions I was forced to confront a number of issues concerning my personal photography and where I wanted to take it. The biggest and most important thing I learned this weekend is about feelings. I have always approached photography as a technical exercise, but this weekend I listened to what you had to say about getting in touch with my feelings and transferring or translating that emotion to my photography.I'm your latest Impressionism convert! Brian Eastwood

Hi Eva , I had a great time, but it is always sad when a good workshop finishes. I have learned to look at photography differently now. It's what I want the images to say and feel. Thank you for a great workshop and I hope to catch up with you both another time. Cheers Lawrence O'Donoghue

Hi Eva, Thanks for the great workshop over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm and knowledge. I greatly admire your work. Thanks so much. Warm regards. Alison

Thank you so much for a very interesting and inspiring workshop. I now see a very different way of creating great images. I had a great weekend; thanks so much Eva. Dorothy Gregory