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14 Days With Eva Polak
FREE Impressionist Photography Challenge

unleash your creative spirit
14 days with Eva Polak Impressionist Photography Challenge

Are you tired of feeling that your photography just isn’t improving?

Do you want simple advice to help you get unstuck and take action?

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When you sign up for #14DaysWithEvaPolak, you’ll immediately receive an email with your first challenge. Then you’ll receive a new challenge by email every day for the next 14 days, each one with a tip and assignment you can use to explore your voice and become more creative as a impressionist photographer.

This challenge is designed to show you how to apply easy and creative photographic techniques that will take your impressionist photos to the next level!

During this challenge, you’ll...
  • Create a creative process that you enjoy.
  • Learn ways to include your personality in your photography.
  • Use regular photo prompts to share your journey on Instagram and Facebook, helping you connect with other challengers and feel accountable to the challenge.
  • Become clear on the value of your artistic voice.

On Instagram we’ll be using the hashtag #14DaysWithEvaPolak and #evapolakchallenge, which is how we’ll find each other. I encourage you to comment on each other’s posts and embrace the connections!

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YOU’LL HAVE: Daily assignments and photoshoots