120 Ways to Photograph

Flowers of a Crabapple Tree
A collection of photographs by artist Eva Polak

Welcome to the 120 Ways to Photograph Flowers of a Crabapple Tree. This book is the first in a series of albums set to capture the beauty of different subjects in 120 ways.

Crabapple flowers are a symbol of youth, surprise and joy. Their ephemeral nature dazzles during a short life before falling gracefully to the ground.

This photo album is dedicated to the exuberant beauty of nature in its purest form. Inside you will find 120 portraits of crabapple blossoms to delight and inspire you. From the delicacy of the single bloom to the lush beauty of an entire twig, to the effect of sunlight and water on the blossoms’ petals.

The blossoming tree is the source of such a riotous display of shapes, textures, lines and colours. Every flower is different.

This book will capture the imagination of anyone in search of beauty and meaning. A wonderful gift that brings a sense of delight, wonder and will uplift the soul.

All images are created in the camera with minimal modification afterwards. This beautifully illustrated volume is ideal for your own personal enjoyment or to give as a lovely gift.

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Size: 25cmx20cm

Available as a soft cover and hard cover, with dust jacket as well as an e-book