Looking for inspiration? Creative Exercise

Looking for Inspiration?

Sometimes, we all need a little help getting those creative juices flowing again.

You will be surprised at how much inspiration there is right where you are and when you train your eye to see something different.

If you do this exercises regularly you will truly appreciate beauty in everyday  and mundane and be really present in the moment.

Look for lines

There are so many man-made and natural lines around us. Grab your camera and start searching. Don’t limit yourself to just straight lines. Keep an eye out for natural curves, zigzags, etc.


Pic one colour and go out and shoot only objects of that colour



Look for natural reflection in glass, puddles, lakes, etc.

reflection by Eva Polak

I hope that you have found enough inspiration here to get you excited.

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Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration?”

  1. Wonderful images as always Eva. I just wondered how you achieve the clarity and the blur in a single image – have you combined a number of images? Much of your work looks as if it has been taken with a lens baby but I have seen your notes on your kit (I am an avid follower of your work!) and there is no mention of these lenses. I would; be very grateful if you could recommend a lensbaby or other Nikon compatible lens to achieve this effect. What a pity that I live in the UK as I would love to attend one of your workshops. Maybe one day……

    1. Thank you very much Jo!
      It comes down to understanding light and how a camera records the scene in front of me. You are right I don’t use lens baby. I mainly use my macro lens or 50mm prime lens. 🙂

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