Go Beyond Special Techniques for More Interesting Impressionist Images

There are plenty of ways to create impressionist photographs. The more I create impressionist images the more I discover new ways of using my camera. I always feel free to take chances and ask myself, “What if…?”

It’s important to learn different techniques as they will give you variety and options, but don’t let them become the focus of your images. This is the most common mistake I see many people make.
For many photographers, the techniques they can use to create impressionist image are the whole reason for creating in this style of photography. For me, special techniques are a means to achieving an end. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning and discovering new techniques. This is a lot of fun, but as you explore new techniques, don’t forget the purpose behind them. It’s more important to capture the impression of a subject than to show off your ability to use a special technique.
Impressionist image of birrds on the beach by eva polak
Learning the basic knowledge about light, form and colour will give you the ability to create impressionist effects. The key to success is practice. The more you practise, the more familiar you will become with techniques and other aspects of impressionist photography. Then there is more time to think about the qualities that will make your images personal and individual.
Once you’ve mastered a variety of techniques don’t go overboard with them. Regardless of whether it is a special piece of equipment or a camera setting, the techniques always need to be secondary to the expression and mood you wish to convey.
impressionist image of a dog by eva polak
These techniques help you showcase the subject, which should always be your primary goal. More than anything, you want to entertain your viewers by giving them something interesting to look at, transporting them into an imaginary world they can discover and explore.
When you are creating an image use all the techniques that will help bring out the mood or message that you wish to convey. Excite your viewers with your interpretation of a subject, not your technical skills.

If you would like to go beyond the special techniques to create more interesting impressionist images, join my online course, Impressionist Photography Advanced.

Impressionist Image A blue berry by Eva Polak




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