Find your WHY

Find your WHY!

Do you ever stop to think about why you create the images you do? Getting to your Why isn’t as easy as it sounds. The easy answer is, ‘I do it because I love it!’ But it’s important to examine that love a bit deeper to find more specific and revealing reasons. Why do you have to make photographs? Why is creating images important to you? What does it mean to you? Understanding your true motivations behind your photography can help you to become more creative and achieve your goals.

There are lots of reasons why people make photographs. Decide what is most important to you. What makes you come alive?

Are you keen to learn new and exciting techniques?  Do you want to develop your own artistic voice? Do you want to make money with your photography, or see your images hanging in an exhibition?  The list of possibilities is endless.

Knowing your WHY reminds you why you get out of bed early to photograph a sunrise. Your WHY helps you to easily make the decisions that are right for you. Your WHY shows you exactly who your right people are, those that you should connect with or ignore.

“He who has a why can endure any how.” — Frederick Nietzsche

For me, it is about testing my skills with new challenges.  I work best when I push myself artistically and technically with new subjects or new approaches to my photography.

Your reasons may be different to mine, but identifying them can be so helpful when it comes to planning your next photoshoot or deciding what kind of workshop you need to attend to grow your skills. Remember that your WHY doesn’t have to be big.  You may simply decide that your main motivation is enjoyment.  You might just want to have fun with your camera.

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If you are not feeling motivated, if your photography is not moving forward, or if you find yourself feeling “stuck”, it is most likely because your WHY is not strong enough to pull you through times when you don’t feel inspired.

Everyone has a different process for finding his or her WHY.  It’s not something you can simply learn through books or study.  It requires you to look deep inside yourself to find what moves you to create. Your “why” is something that emerges. You’ll discover it by taking action, every day. By looking at what is working and what isn’t, you can align yourself with your WHY. Clarity is the first step to crafting photographs that you love.

I’d love to know  your WHY? Share in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “Find your WHY!”

  1. Eva that was a great article. Thank you for sharing and challenging us again. yes there are desert times, times when I don’t feel inspired. I often turn to your web page when feeling this. and POP. I feel inspired. I am wowed and motivated to see in a new way. Creative photography for me extends my imagination and the results can really be a “wow”. That’s when I feel the joy of having achieved that and will share this with others. Another big thing for me is seeing in a different way. Seeing something through the lens I had not seen with the naked eye.

  2. I share Alan Flagel’s thoughts!
    The wow is a self indulgent feeling that persists against all adversity. Knowing what you capture is special & wonderful.
    I am very different & unusual!
    Learning to appreciate yourself takes time, a challenge!

  3. After some thought, I think my WHY is to show the essence of what I see around me – not just to reproduce what I see, but to communicate the feelings I have about it. I do this largely for myself. Discovering photography later in life has had a profound effect on the way I see the world and interact with it, and gives me an opportunity for artistic expression that was absent for my first 70 years! So I think the short answer to the question is that I take photos to express my awareness of the special qualities in what I see, and to communicate the emotion that awareness creates in me. The chance to learn about how to do this very special.

  4. My ” Why” is because Life is so beautiful , I am just astonished and delighted every single day with its endless little miracles! I must hunt them down with my camera; I must share what I have found; I must enjoy each one completely because they are all gifts to us to savour and marvel over. And I want to take photographs just because I do want to savour each one, remember it and explore it in all its detail. It is people like you Eva who have the gift of helping us all see further, and deeper, and to record what we see in our own individual ways. Your way is to me purely magical; I cannot do what you do, but I am learning to find my own way of expressing my delight in what I find. It is with the deepest gratitude that I say thank you so much for being such a glowing beacon along the path of discovery! And thanks for this great article!

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