Lenses with Character – M42

If you are ready to be more  adventurous with your impressionist photography you might consider buying a few M42 lenses.

The M42 lens mount is a screw thread  mounting, standard for attaching lenses to the DSLR camera. This was once a very popular type of mount, used in various camera models around the world, so a lot of great old lenses are available at modest prices.

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Find your WHY!

Do you ever stop to think about why you create the images you do? Getting to your Why isn’t as easy as it sounds. The easy answer is, ‘I do it because I love it!’ But it’s important to examine that love a bit deeper to find more specific and revealing reasons. Why do you have to make photographs? Why is creating images important to you? What does it mean to you? Understanding your true motivations behind your photography can help you to become more creative and achieve your goals.

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The Key to Making Money on Instagram – for photographers

Instagram is one of the most useful social media sites for photographers. Photo editors, art directors and art buyers are already on Instagram, so you need to be there too. It is the only social media that is designed strictly for photography. A lot of photographers gain work and new opportunities directly from an Instagram account.

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A Practical Guide to Abstract Photography

Photographing and creating abstract images is to choose a new approach of interpreting the world around you. In fact, you need to develop a new way of seeing. Because abstract photography is about the distillation of the scene in front of you, it is important that you take a more detailed view of everything you come across. You need to learn to notice shapes, patterns, texture, and colour.

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Why Do I Need a Mentor?

Most successful photographers in the world have great mentors who help them unlock their potential. The journey from novice to expert is long, and full of mistakes and major obstacles. This is why mentors are so important. They will help you to make progress quickly. As they’ve already been there and done that, they can give you the advice they wish they had been given when they first started out.

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What Makes a Great Impressionist Photo?

From the choice of subject matter to the use of appropriate techniques, there are many factors that contribute to the success of impressionist photographs. Although there is no magic formula, there are four elements that are significant ingredients for creating great impressionist photographs. Continue reading What Makes a Great Impressionist Photo?


How to Take Your Impressionist Photography to the Next Level

Do you produce acceptable impressionist images, but don’t consider them great? Doy ou have the feeling of repetition that makes you tired of every subject? Do you think that everything you produce is boring and that keeps you from creating new images?

Everyone has experienced this kind of feeling. Whether you are a beginner or you’ve been photographing for many years, it’s not always a smooth ride. You’ve probably already discovered that impressionist photography is a lot more difficult than it appears.

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Eva’s Adventures in Wonderland – Photo of the Month

“Every adventure requires a first step”  — Cheshire Cat

welcome to wonderland by eva polak

You only need 4 simple ingredients to transport yourself to magical world of Little Kingdom:

-interesting subject

-beautiful light


-and small colour manipulation in Lightroom

welcome to wonderland by eva polak

welcome to wonderland by eva polak

welcome to wonderland by eva polak