Be Creative All the Time

Making great images requires more than simply understanding how your camera works. Sure, fundamental knowledge is needed to ensure your images are technically correct, but to make them exciting and different requires your creative interpretation of the scene.

So, how do you become, and stay, creative? For me creativity is all about generating new ideas, finding new ways to capture things around me and seeing them in a new and different way. It starts with curiosity. I constantly ask questions and wonder how I can achieve a certain look or feel in my images. I observe and study light. I keep finding new ways to do things. I compare my images from different photo-shoots and try to figure out how and why I obtained different results.

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Developing Your Creative Spirit

Being creative is something you do rather than something you are. Creativity is an ever-evolving loop of learning skills, experimenting, evaluating and discovering something unique. There is continuous movement back and forth that expands to greater knowledge as you move along. Anyone can develop creative spirit by learning and practising. Creativity is simply a journey that begins with an interest and a willingness to experience something new and experiment with it.

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Photo of the Month

There is something magical about taking the first image of the photoshoot. You can never quite tell where it might take you.

I wasn’t expecting to discover anything special that afternoon, when I look at my lawn through my camera’s viewfinder. A fresh, crisp scent of the wild mint wafted over me in a slow, invisible cloud. There was a familiar, happy, yellow face of a dandelion. Some sharp and angry blades of grass. An innocent daisy was looking humbly. A tall, slim cowslip was trying to get my attention.

But I wanted something else, something different and exceptional. Something that would help me to escape from the ordinary. So I decide to use my secret weapon – water.

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See it. Believe it. Act on it.

You see your photography fiends and other people online succeeding and creating beautiful images, yet you can’t seem to wrap your brain around exactly how they created those photographs. What do they know that you don’t? What do you need to do to breakthrough to the next level of photographic success?

Patti Dobrowlski shows you how to build a roadmap to your desired future. See it. Believe it. Act on it.